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FemininRascal.com – Sourcing Great Fashion Accessories For You

Feminin Rascal (FemininRascal.com) is an online branded luxury accessories store that specializes in new, up-and-coming as well as existing celebrity European designers and specialty brands, but catered for an international audience.

[Brazil] The Startup Samba: Internet Ventures Boom in “Brasilicon Valley”

There is a new generation of Brazilian tech innovators that is making Silicon Valley sit up and take notice.

SocialGoodies.com – Daily Deals For Social Good

Social Goodies (www.socialgoodies.com) offers unbeatable bargains and a way to give back to society, all at the same time. The site features daily deals from national and emerging lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and home decor brands at up to 70% off retail. With each purchase, Social Goodies donates 20% of the deal purchase price to worthy non-profit organizations.

MyMela.com – An Online Marketplace For India’s Artisans

MyMela.com is a global marketplace that lets you access India’s fashion, accessories and home décor handicrafts, with a micro-lending function.

Developer Focus: Dominic St Pierre, Focus Centric

Bunker is a project management and online billing service built by small web application developer Focus Centric that is positioned for use by freelancers and small businesses. Dominic St Pierre of Focus Centric explains its development.

That Celebrity Fitness Video? Watch It Now Entertainment’s Probably Behind It.

Watch It Now Entertainment (WIN) is a full-service production company that helps clients to direct, produce and promote any kind of celebrity-driven fitness media under one roof.

Washing Stuffed Toys Made Easy With Teddy Needs A Bath!

Founded by mompreneur Nicole Townend, Teddy Needs A Bath! is a first-of-its-kind washer and dryer bag for stuffed toys, allowing you to safely wash them yet keep them protected.

Daily Deals Still A Big Deal In Asia; All Deals Asia Launches iPhone App

The daily deals industry may be taking somewhat of a beating to its reputation in recent times - stories of deals gone bad abound - but according to All Deals Asia, this space is still growing rapidly in Southeast Asia.

Supernova Media Comes Out With A Big Bang

Founded in 2011, Singapore-based Supernova Media is a media production company that specializes in production and post production services for feature films, corporate videos, television commercials, and even online media.

MentorMob.com Aims To Revolutionize Learning Through Crowdsourcing

Chicago-based startup MentorMob (www.mentormob.com) is a free, community-based collaborative service that aims to aggregate and organize the best online educational content on any topic, so it's easier to find.

Storably.com – Peer-to-Peer Marketplace For Renting Storage Or Carpark Space

Storably.com (www.storably.com) is an online peer-to-peer marketplace for parking and storage.

EntrepreneurFinder.com – Helping Entrepreneurs Find Talent, Investors And Each Other

Entrepreneur Finder (www.EntrepreneurFinder.com) is a free interactive resource for entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, students and investors to find each other and designed to help startup companies grow.

Get Fashion Feedback From The Lookmash Community

Lookmash (www.lookmash.com) aims to help solve one of the greatest everyday problems - what to wear, what to wear.

Post Bounties for Work And Feedback On BountyIt.com

Los Angeles, California-based BountyIt (www.bountyit.com) is an online service which lets you post a bounty to crowdsource work, as well as for comments and feedback.

Building The Right Corporate Culture, From A Self-Confessed Former Jerk Of A Boss

Not every boss likes to admit that they've been a self-focused jerk, but Jay Steinfeld, the founder and CEO of Blinds.com, confesses that he was a jerk of a boss who used to terrorize his employees and micro-managed every detail of his business.

Daily Deals Site Deals89 Wants To Ride The Future Of Social Commerce

Deals89 (www.deals89.com) is a Singapore-based daily deals site that revolves around the idea of using social networking and crowdsourcing to offer consumers amazing local and overseas experiences. All the deals are uniquely priced with an ending notation of '89' cents.

David Farley Of Anatomic Global – Making You Sleep Better

David Farley is the founder and CEO of Corona, California-based Anatomic Global (www.anatomicglobal.com), a provider of memory foam products primarily used for bedding.

Zweena Aggregates Your Medical Records For Easy Management

Zweena (www.zweenahealth.com) is an online Personal Health Record (PHR) service for consumers to manage and protect their health records.

Cake Over Heels – In Love With Baking

Set amidst sprawling furniture stores and assorted commercial companies that occupy much of Midview City is an unlikely gem that seems better suited in a premium Orchard Road shopping mall: Cake Over Heels, a cheery boutique patisserie cum cafe that specializes in creating customized, decorative cakes.

Household.sg – Groceries For Every Household

With changing consumer trends and the benefit of technology, some startups are beginning to look at ways of innovating the grocery shopping experience for the better. One of the latest in Singapore to try is Household.sg (www.household.sg), an online supermarket with a focus on household essentials and groceries.

around! Adds Joy To Location-Based Loyalty Marketing With QR Codes

Singapore-based startup Gozo Labs has just launched a location-based mobile marketing platform that leverages QR codes for loyalty marketing initiatives called around!.

GreenPost – Because Bills Should Be Green

Officially launched two years ago on World Environment Day, GreenPost aims to make paperless billing a norm in Singapore and in the region, and thus helping preserve the world's forests for the next generation.

Our Town – A Family Legacy

Michael Plummer, Jr never really wanted to follow in his entrepreneurial father's footsteps. His father Michael Plummer, Sr had built Florida-based Our Town from scratch since 1972, but Junior had never really wanted anything to do with it.

Azione PR – It’s All About Taking Action

Azione PR is a Los Angeles, California-based boutique public relations firm started by two enterprising and dynamic young women who despite their young ages already possess more than twenty years of experience in public relations and marketing in total.

ThriftyComputer.com – A Lesson In Overcoming Obstacles

Elchonon Hellinger has tasted the bitter tears of failure. Hellinger, who founded Miami, Florida-based ThriftyComputer (ThriftyComputer.com) at the age of 19, saw that business crash and burn in early 2009 from inexperience.

Belly Bandit – Selling Confidence To After-Birth Moms

If necessity was the mother of invention, Lori Caden invented something - out of her own need - that most new mothers would thank her for.

Neff Headwear Makes Headway In Fashion And Culture

Shaun Neff started Neff Headwear in 2002 as a clothing company selling shirts and hats - he would buy 99-cent headbands and take a paint pen to them, and giving those to friends to help promote the brand.

FreeCustomWebsite.com Builds You, Err, A Custom Website For Free

Say you don't have the time, energy or the knowledge to put together a website of your own. You could hire a digital agency, but costs can be prohibitive. Neither can you control the quality you get if you opt for a freelancer or use a crowd-sourcing service. Here's another option, and it's even free too: FreeCustomWebsite.com.

Shiroube.com Finds Local Guides For Travelers

Shiroube (www.shiroube.com) is a site that connects intrepid travelers to local residents anywhere in the world.

There’s Something Abuzz With GoodBuzz

Mawuna Koutonin is the founder of London-based GoodBuzz, and his story is the stuff of dreams.