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Open Banking Is Becoming The Norm In The Banking Industry: Here’s What You Need...

Banking that used to be tedious and costly is changing thanks, in part, to open banking. Open banking is changing the way we conduct business creating financial power and freedom for consumers.

[INTERVIEW] Michael Majeed, Finance Executive, SR&ED Tax Consultant

Financial services executive Michael Majeed says that while most entrepreneurs launch companies with great ideas, lots of ambition and the most sincere of intentions, it’s equally important to have a strong handle on their finances. 

Why Niche Start-Ups Are Making Waves In 2020

Success in business is all about finding your niche and finding ways to serve it in the best way possible. We look at a few of the innovative start-ups making waves in 2020.

2 Real Time-Saving Hacks That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

If you are in business, these 2 time-saving hacks could transform your working day, reduce stress and increase your personal productivity dramatically.

[Interview] Kevin Hobbs Of Vancouver’s Vanbex Group

As CEO of Vanbex Group, Kevin Hobb aims to further the education and adoption of blockchain, DLT, and Smart Contract technology into everyday real world applications.

Real Estate Developer Danny Haber Of oWOW Reinvigorates Bay Area

oWOW founder Danny Haber is redeveloping the Bay Area property market with exciting new developments, including 674 23rd Street, 960 Howard St., and 316 12th St., among others.

10 Critical Success Factors For A Service Business

LaddersFree is not only one of the largest national window cleaning service providers in the UK but possibly the most successful. They share the 10 critical success factors for any service business that have helped them succeed in their space.

The Philanthropic Efforts Of James Dondero

The Philanthropic Efforts of James Dondero

Yanni Hufnagel: A Coaching Powerhouse

To be a top-notch college basketball assistant coach is to be both an excellent salesman and a brilliant recruiter. Yanni Hufnagel, the assistant coach of the Harvard basketball program between 2009 and 2013 happened to be both.

How The 5G Revolution Emerged And How It Will Give Business A Boost

Just as 3G opened up the app market and 4G created a demand for mobile broadband applications, 5G will open up vast economic potential for Internet of Things applications.

15 Inspirational TV Shows For New Entrepreneurs

These 15 shows will give you a behind the scenes look at how the world of business works, what it takes to become successful in business and teach you strategies that you can implement to build and grow your own business.

[INTERVIEW] Zakaria Hersi, Founder Of Orten.io

Zakaria Hersi is one of those fortunate people who has been able to stitch his vocation and avocation together seamlessly in his quest to achieve success – on his terms.

[Infographic] A Startup Founder’s Guide To New York

Here's an infographic that takes a look at some of the statistics around startups in New York, and some of the reasons why you may possibly want to base your startup there.

VoIP – Why Is It So Lucrative For Small And Medium Businesses?

There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and unified communications. Here's a look at some of the numbers surrounding the space when it comes to small and medium businesses wanting to use it.

8 Online Businesses Disrupting Their Industry

Often the only way for companies to establish themselves in a market is to do something innovative and take the shine off their competitors. Patrick Smith of Housesimple looks at some of the most innovative online businesses disrupting their industries (including his own).

Run A Bar Or Restaurant? Make Review Sites Work in Your Favor

At first pass, review sites can seem overwhelming, especially if you notice negative feedback about your bar or restaurant. With a little time and effort, however, you can turn these sites into a great tool for getting more customers in the door.

Simply Business’ Interactive Visualization Compares Startup Ecosystems Across The World

Silicon Valley might be the obvious destination for startups, but where else in the world offers opportunities for founders, investors, and developers? This interactive visualization chart by Simply Business shows you.

[Infographic] 5 Security Threats You Shouldn’t Worry About (And 5 You Should)

From passwords and the Internet of Everything to nation state cyber warfare and jumping mobile malware, this infographic from WatchGuard helps you gain some security perspective for 2015.

The Global Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has literally exploded in recent years across the globe. LoveHomeSwap.com has put together an interactive map featuring the world's most exciting sharing economy companies, the industry they operate in, their founders and the year they were founded.

Enterprise Messaging Comes Of Age With sqoope

Everybody’s on an instant messaging app these days. Fast, convenient and almost idiot-proof, they allow us to communicate quickly with each other via text, photos,...

[Infographic] Secrets To Creating A Viral Infographic

Justin Beegel, CEO of Infographic World and author of just-released book ‘Infographics For Dummies,’ gives five tips to achieve critical mass.

Castlewood Group – Build It, And They Will Come And Invest.

Castlewood Group offers investors an opportunity to own a part of Nikki Beach Hotel & Spa in Phuket that's due to officially open in early 2015 as the first of its five projects here in Asia.

Shane Smith: Gonzo-Gunslinger

Teddy Hunt explores Canadian-American journalist and web entrepreneur Shane Smith’s style and technique for getting a story, as well as his push to reach a young audience.

NakedWines.com Connects Winemakers And Wine Drinkers Via Crowdfunding

NakedWines.com uses crowdfunding to raise funds from a wine-loving public and channels that money towards a bunch of talented winemakers so that they can focus on making quality wines exclusively for funders.

VentureBoard Helps Universities Help Startups

VentureBoard is a higher education software platform where students can start their ventures, but also allow universities to create and manage their own entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Ticketbis, An Online Event Ticket Trading Platform

Ticketbis is an online platform where users can easily and securely buy and sell tickets for every kind of event, such as concerts, festivals, theater plays, art performances or soccer games.

10 Companies Want To Show You The Money

Is your holiday gift-giving list becoming longer and pricier than your current wallet can handle? Pabla Ayala, cofounder of pFunk Media shares 10 online platforms that help you make extra cash and help with those expensive holiday costs.

[Singapore] Daylight Studios To Tap Growing Mobile Games Market With Two New Titles

Homegrown mobile games developer Daylight Studios aims to have a piece of the growing mobile gaming market with two newly-launched mobile games, Conquest Age and Spirit Horizon.

Learn Forex With OANDA’s Mobile App

If you're looking to dip your toes into the world of forex trading or simply to understand how it works, trying out an online currency market trading platform like OANDA - and especially its mobile app - may help ease you in.

[Sponsored] MyTransport.SG – A One-Stop Source For Commuting Info In Singapore

LTA's MyTransport.SG combines many transport-related features into a single mobile app, aimed at enabling commuters, motorists and even cyclists in the country to check relevant, real-time traffic information to plan their journeys.