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Advice For The Young At Heart Archives - Young Upstarts

Advice For The Young At Heart

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Venture Capital: A System Built On Trust

The venture capital system promises both founder and investor that they can be successful while getting what they want. It does this by making money the medium: Investors have money, founders need money.

Is It Time To Reinvent Yourself? Four Ways To Know You’re Ready For A...

Feeling bored? Unsure if you’re making a difference? Harboring a hidden talent you know you could use or a lifelong dream that’s unfulfilled? Robert L. Dilenschneider is here to help you know when it’s time to leap into a new career… and how to think about your bold new chapter. 

The A-Team Advantage: How To Build A Winning Leadership Team

Building a top-notch startup leadership team requires constant evaluation, fine-tuning, and a willingness to adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

Tips For Your Home-Based Business To Survive A Recession

By keeping your mind on future plans and continuing to invest in and grow your home-based business, you can weather the impending storm and keep your business running strong. 

Influence Is The Ultimate Life Skill. Here’s How College Students Can Start Building It Now.

As students return to campus, their thoughts are focused on classes, study schedules, grades, and (let’s be real) some fun stuff too. Bestselling author Robert L. Dilenschneider explains why they should also think about honing their influence — and shares some tips for getting started.

5 Ways To Optimize Your Resume For AI Tools Recruiters Use

Looking to increase your chances of making a meaningful connection with your next employer. Here are five things to keep in mind as you refine your resume or profile.

The Correlation Between Personal Branding & Business Success

In a world where personal connections and authenticity resonate with consumers and professionals alike, personal branding emerges as a cornerstone of success.

Leveraging Technology To Grow Your SMB

Whether your business is run from home, in a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment or managed from the road, having the right technology will influence your success.

Getting The Education You Need To Succeed In Business

Christopher Volk shares the three vocational skills in business he believes will have great impact on a business career.

Entrepreneurs Must Avoid Falling Prey To A Commitment Trap

Entrepreneurs who challenge their own assumptions about why things are happening, and are aware of their cognitive biases and irrational tendences, stand a greater chance of making better decisions.

Evolving Mindset, Thriving Business: Your Path To Seven-Figure Revenue

Jennifer Dawn offers six crucial tips to help you navigate the path to seven-figure success in business by nurturing an evolving mindset.

Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time To Start A Business

Entrepreneurs! There’s no perfect time to start a business, and risk and challenge are common along the journey.

23-Year-Old CEO Jesus Salamo Baretta Shares 3 Things Every Young Entrepreneur Should Do When...

Jesus Salamo Baretta shares the top three things that every young entrepreneur should do when they start their own business.
broke backpacker

How I Turned $6,000 Into A Multi-Million Dollar Travel Empire (The Broke Backpacker’s Business...

Will Hatton shares the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey starting his travel site The Broke Backpacker.

3 Low-Cost, High-Impact Tips For Aspiring Business Leaders

Donald Thompson shares with aspiring business leaders some high-impact, low-cost leadership practices that have worked for him.

The New Grad’s Influence-Building Skill Set: 12 Tips For Thriving In An Uncertain World

In times of chaos and disruption, it’s hard to predict the future. But Robert L. Dilenschneider says we can navigate any environment if we’re good at influencing others. He explains what real influence looks like — and offers some tactics to help new graduates start building it now.

Four Lessons To Remember As A New (Or Experienced) Entrepreneur

Are you a new entrepreneur? Understand your goals and don’t lose yourself in the hustle, cautions Laura Dribin.

The Entrepreneurial Path: Knowing When To Pivot And When To Persevere

Whether you decide to pivot or persevere, the key is to make those decisions intentionally, says James Hunter.

Five Tips To Know Before Launching Your Tech Startup

Starting a tech company is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to spend a good 2 to 3 years of your life with very little pay and possibly no return at all.

“Women, We Are Our Own Best Resource”: Deb Boelkes

A significant number of young women aspire to reach the upper levels of leadership. As this year’s graduates embark on their careers, entrepreneur and author Deb Boelkes shares eight valuable pieces of advice to help them achieve their goals.
harmony vallejo

[Interview] Harmony Vallejo: Going From Communications To CEO

Harmony Vallejo shares about her experience going from communications to owning her own business and managing a team.

Are You Ready To Raise?

If you are not ready to raise, even the best story or storyteller will not be able to tell a story that gets you funded.

Advice I Would Give My Younger Self When Starting My Business

Marta Hobbs, founder and teacher of SoulCare and author of "Unraveling" shares three things she wished she knew when she first started her business.

Taking Step Zero Towards Monetizing Your Creativity

“Step zero” is finding the courage to monetize your creativity — and taking the practical steps that will ready you to receive money. Miriam Schulman shares more.

Is This The End Of The Entrepreneurial Boom? How To Survive A Rocky Economy

One key to entrepreneurial success is knowing how to weather economic uncertainty and upheaval, and having a strategic roadmap to navigate those potholes has never been more important.
John Accardi entrepreneur

How John Accardi Grew CRAVEBOX Through The Pandemic

John Accardi founded CRAVEBOX in his apartment in Washington DC back in 2014. He's grown it through the pandemic.

Going For The Brass Ring: Advice On Navigating A Satisfying Business Career

Make things happen or things will happen to you, says Christopher Volk. He shares how you can achieve a satisfying business career.

Envisioning Your Future As An Entrepreneur

Looking to start a future as an entrepreneur? Know that building a business leaves little time for whatever everyone else gets to do.

5 Habits Every Business Owner Needs To Have

From emotional intelligence to communication skills, there are some habits and behaviors that all business owners need to have.

5 Essential Habits For Every Successful Entrepreneur

Learning and honing certain skills early in one’s career will prep entrepreneurs for the best chance to thrive. Craig Goodliffe shares more.