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CrowdSPRING – A Springboard For Creative Ideas

The creative agency business that insists on its traditional way of sourcing for work could be in peril. Not because of the worsening global economy, although that is one reason, but because of one little company based in Chicago called crowdSPRING.

Singapore To Get New Posterboy For Entrepreneurial Success?

The room was totally packed at the keynote presentation in BlogOUT! '09, but you can't truly be sure what the crowd was here for.

BarCamp – The New Conference?

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) office was surprisingly crowded on a Saturday morning. A youngish, somewhat geeky crowd has descended here, of all places, and the air is literally buzzing with excitement. Welcome to BarCamp Singapore 4.

Play By Ear Music School Plays A Beautiful Tune

Play By Ear (PBE) Music School is currently the largest pop and jazz keyboard music school in Singapore. Founded in 2003 by Mr Andrew Yau when he was 23, the school has come a long way since in an incredibly short period of time.

YourAM Makes Managing Appointments Easy

YourAM is a web-based application build to automatically organize and manage business appointments in real time via the web and SMS, designed specially for small service-focused businesses that need to handle appointments for groups of people.

Friendgiftr.com Reinvents The Gift Card Economy

Tinseltown is better known for producing movie stars, but there may be another star in the making in Hollywood, California-based startup Friendgiftr.com.

Urbanesia is a Social City Directory in Indonesia

Urbanesia is a city directory start-up for Indonesians to find recommendations on what to do and where to go in Jakarta.

Starcount.com: Charting The Stars In Social Media

Starcount (www.starcount.com), by All The Worlds Entertainment, is a social media measurement engine that aggregates and measures social media popularity on a global and local scale across any genre.

VentureBoard Helps Universities Help Startups

VentureBoard is a higher education software platform where students can start their ventures, but also allow universities to create and manage their own entrepreneurship ecosystems.

SocialReport.com, the Google Analytics for Social Networks

Social Report is a social network analytics solution that helps track and analyze social network accounts - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, for example - and provides tools to manage marketing initiatives.

MyAdEngine Helps Businesses Manage Their Online Advertising

Some of the biggest barriers to small businesses adopting online advertising to promote their products and services can be the sheer range of choices available, and the difficulty of understanding what works in the digital space. MyAdEngine aims to alleviate such issues.

[Asia] Small Businesses Look To The Internet For Growth Opportunities

Senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute, Anu Madgavkar shared during a sharing session organized by search giant Google the impact of the Internet on small businesses in Asia, and highlighted how a country's infrastructure can aid or limit the impact of small business on its economy.

Building The Right Corporate Culture, From A Self-Confessed Former Jerk Of A Boss

Not every boss likes to admit that they've been a self-focused jerk, but Jay Steinfeld, the founder and CEO of Blinds.com, confesses that he was a jerk of a boss who used to terrorize his employees and micro-managed every detail of his business.

GreenPost – Because Bills Should Be Green

Officially launched two years ago on World Environment Day, GreenPost aims to make paperless billing a norm in Singapore and in the region, and thus helping preserve the world's forests for the next generation.

ArticleBuff – Crowdsourcing Your Writing

Andrew Elliot is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur and, he readily admits, one who has 'failed' often. But the founder of ArticleBuff - an online marketplace and resource site for writers - chooses to view those experiences positively.

pepperconn’s Groupware Manages Your Social Media From End-To-End

One of the exhibiting startups at Echelon 2010 was pepperconn. We talk to Adrian Teo, founder of pepperconn, about his startup, entrepreneurship and his thoughts on the burgeoning social media scene.

Autumn Dynasty – A (Brush) Stroke Of Success

Singapore-based Touch Dimensions's Autumn Dynasty is a real-time strategy (RTS) game for iOS and BlackBerry 10 set in a fantasy world heavily influenced by China's Three Kingdoms period.

Is India A Good Place For Tech Entrepreneurs?

Technology in India is one of the most lucrative sectors, now and in the future. Without a doubt, India is home to a lot of startups, especially tech-based startups (e.g. Moodler, RockeTalk).

Eegoes.com: An Answer To Social Networking Information Overload?

Boston, Massachusetts-based Eegoes (www.eegoes.com) is positioned as a social networking site that aims to provide a more user-friendly and more streamlined platform for social interaction, and one that is based around user interests.

A Chat With Ben Federman of 1SaleADay.com

So you'd think that the online daily deals space is way too overcrowded - and you're probably right. So how does a site like New York-based 1SaleADay.com compete with the rest? We talk to Ben Federman, CEO of 1SaleADay.com.

A Love for Books Actually

Kenny and Karen have a common, and almost obsessive, passion for books. The couple's first date was spent at the National Library, later followed...

Appitalism – Digital Content For All

Appitalism aims to help consumers to easily and quickly discover and download the best digital content across all devices, be they smartphones, tablets, PCs or eBook readers.

The Entrepreneurial Adventurer

Serial entrepreneur Tony Goh may have more misses than hits when it comes to business, but he's never given up nor regretted following his...

Hibernater.com – An Idea Out Of Cold Storage

Sometimes it's good to revisit an old idea. That's what Chua Khim Teck, founder of Hibernater.com, did when he took an idea he was...

FemininRascal.com – Sourcing Great Fashion Accessories For You

Feminin Rascal (FemininRascal.com) is an online branded luxury accessories store that specializes in new, up-and-coming as well as existing celebrity European designers and specialty brands, but catered for an international audience.

Tip-It – Tipping Over Daily Deals

Are there too many group buying sites already? Bryan Sio, Steven Kwok and Nicole Teo certainly don't think so - the three young undergraduate entrepreneurs has just launched Tip-It!, Singapore's latest site dedicated to daily deals.

SocialWok’s TechCrunch50 Experience

I took the opportunity to ask Yong Ming Guang, CEO of SocialWok, of the Singapore startup's experience presenting at TechCrunch50 Conference 2009, the massive showcase of the latest cutting-edge technology startups in San Francisco.

[Interview] Aneace Haddad, founder of Taggo

In this video interview, Mike Foong chats with Aneace Haddad of Taggo about how his startup seeks to manage loyalty card subscriptions.

LeapFish.com – Swimming With The Big Kahunas Of Search

Google and Yahoo! may be the big boys of search today, but that hasn't stopped other new search engines such as Cuil from popping...

AsiaVentureSchwag.com – Wear Your Support for Asian Startups

AsiaVentureSchwag.com launches! Co-founder Ng Cheng Wei unveils the e-commerce subscription service focusing on startup merchandise.