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The Drinking Partners – Inculcating A Beer Culture

The Drinking Partners is a local purveyor and distributor of specialty beers from Belgium that aims to promote a beer appreciating culture in Singapore.

Yoursphere – Safe Online Spheres Of Influence For Kids

Yoursphere is an online social network that is centred around safe and fun rewards-based interactive content and activities for children and young people up to the age of 18, with features dedicated to guarding youth privacy and safety.

Lexani Limousines – Driving Its Way To The Top

Billy Jinks is the president and CEO of Lexani Limousines, a leader in Arizona's transportation industry since 2004. And he just turned 20.

Branserv – Applying Itself To Helping Software Startups

Chicago-based startup hardware appliance maker Branserv has an incredibly lofty vision - to rebuild the American economy.

Mobile Concierge At Your Service

  Who: Digital Concierge 2Go®, by Cellcity Pte Ltd What: A local mobile digital concierge service - which includes a mobile application, WAP application and a...

Penn Olson on Social Media and Marketing

We talk to university undergraduates Willis Wee and Sarah Chong, the brains behind highly-influential Singapore-based social media and marketing blog Penn Olson, read by marketing practitioners from all around the region.

[Brazil] The Startup Samba: Internet Ventures Boom in “Brasilicon Valley”

There is a new generation of Brazilian tech innovators that is making Silicon Valley sit up and take notice.

Mithn Makes Things Happen Now

Getting your first customer is always difficult, as Collin and his business partner Joe found out. The two co-founders of Mithn Singapore had realised in...


New York City-based LocalBigwig.com helps facilitate the search for local life experiences in metropolitan destinations around the world by connecting global travelers with homeowners offering short-term rentals for furnished local homes.

Flex-ing His Developer Muscle: A Chat With Seesmic’s Hu Shun Jie

Flex developer Hu Shun Jie from online video microblogging service Seesmic (think a video version of Twitter) is taking some time off his extremely...

[Singapore] Designs On A New Furniture Future

Singapore's furniture sector may be experiencing a new revolution, with a flood of designers taking up or venturing into creating products for a traditional industry.

Developer Focus: Dominic St Pierre, Focus Centric

Bunker is a project management and online billing service built by small web application developer Focus Centric that is positioned for use by freelancers and small businesses. Dominic St Pierre of Focus Centric explains its development.

Appitalism – Digital Content For All

Appitalism aims to help consumers to easily and quickly discover and download the best digital content across all devices, be they smartphones, tablets, PCs or eBook readers.

[Singapore] Broadband Provider MyRepublic Expands Into Enterprise Space

Singapore Internet service provider MyRepublic announced another weapon in its growing arsenal - its entrance into the enterprise broadband space, with a three-tiered product offering for small, medium and large companies.

Salesconx.com – Good Ol’ Fashioned Sales Leads, Virtually

Sales is a key function in any company, and SalesConx.com CEO Evan Sohn believes that his company can help other small to medium businesses...

Freelancezone.com.sg – Name Says It All

First there was Jorbb.com - which we recently featured - and now Freelancezone.com.sg. It seems that casual job sites in Singapore are sprouting out...

Emergent Detection’s BodyKey Aids Your Fight Against Flab

Obesity is a major problem in America and it's only getting worse. Entrepreneurs Keegan Hall and Eric Fogel, founders of Emergent Detection, believe they have a solution to this weighty issue with their fitness technology product, BodyKey.

Run A Bar Or Restaurant? Make Review Sites Work in Your Favor

At first pass, review sites can seem overwhelming, especially if you notice negative feedback about your bar or restaurant. With a little time and effort, however, you can turn these sites into a great tool for getting more customers in the door.

Taggo – Making Customer Relationship Management Easy

Most people think entrepreneurship is one of the riskiest decisions they can ever make in their life. Not Taggo's Aneace Haddad.

Innovating The Singapore Blogosphere

The way the Singapore blogosphere is growing, throw a stone randomly these days and you're likely to hit a self-proclaimed social media expert, guru or master. Mention Facebook, Twitter or Plurk, and you'd be swamped with unsolicited advice from all over on how such social media platforms do, or do not work, in the Singapore context.

YourAM Makes Managing Appointments Easy

YourAM is a web-based application build to automatically organize and manage business appointments in real time via the web and SMS, designed specially for small service-focused businesses that need to handle appointments for groups of people.

Prova Crowdsources Advertising Designs For Small Business Owners

David Gash, the CEO of San Diego-based advertising design agency Prova Advertising, created his site with the aim of 'putting advertising in the hands of business owners'.

StudentofFortune.com – Homework Hire

Where should you turn to when you need help with homework? From friends, via the Internet, of course. That was what college friends Sean McCleese and Nikhil Sreenath believed when they started StudentofFortune.com.

SocialWok’s TechCrunch50 Experience

I took the opportunity to ask Yong Ming Guang, CEO of SocialWok, of the Singapore startup's experience presenting at TechCrunch50 Conference 2009, the massive showcase of the latest cutting-edge technology startups in San Francisco.

Wootfood – Having Your Food, And Sharing It Too

Wootfood is a location-based food finder and mobile application developed by Malaysia-based ideas incubator Alphapod that allows you to search, discover, recommend the best dishes to a "hungry" community.

Neff Headwear Makes Headway In Fashion And Culture

Shaun Neff started Neff Headwear in 2002 as a clothing company selling shirts and hats - he would buy 99-cent headbands and take a paint pen to them, and giving those to friends to help promote the brand.

The Intersect Fund – Small (Business) Is The New Big

The Intersect Fund is a non-profit microlender that aims to provide small businesses in New Jersey with loans - from $500 to $20,000 - to help get them off the ground.

[Singapore] Remote, Freelance, Online Work Taking Off Here

If the numbers in Elance's Global Online Employment are anything to go by, the demand for and the supply of online talent - buoyed by corresponding trends like cloudworking (or the "human cloud" if you will) - have been surging across Asia, signalling an increasing preference for more casual, freelance work.

LeadVine.com – Sharing Leads Made Easy

Sometimes it pays to talk to your competitors. In Allan Margate's case, talking to his competitor led to them founding LeadVine.com together. In 2002, Allan...

Matchmaking Students And Their Startups

It's amazing what ideas people can come up with while taking public transport. Harvard students Vivek Ramaswamy and Travis May were sitting on a...