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New York City-based LocalBigwig.com helps facilitate the search for local life experiences in metropolitan destinations around the world by connecting global travelers with homeowners offering short-term rentals for furnished local homes.

Baking For Good With A Passion

New York-based Baking For Good is an online bakery with a social mission - it is based around the idea of a bake sale, selling fresh all-natural baked goods such as brownies, cookies and other treats and donating 15 percent of every purchase to a non-profit or community fundraiser of the customer's choice

[Interview] Kevin Hobbs Of Vancouver’s Vanbex Group

As CEO of Vanbex Group, Kevin Hobb aims to further the education and adoption of blockchain, DLT, and Smart Contract technology into everyday real world applications.

[Singapore] Crowdsourcing Week – Crowdsourcing Soon To Come Of Age In Asia

Crowdsourcing Week was an inaugural event in Singapore which aimed to bring together a diverse audience from various industries - creative, government, startup and technology - and bring about discussion on the issues surrounding crowdsourcing and how that can apply in their individual environments.

2 Real Time-Saving Hacks That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

If you are in business, these 2 time-saving hacks could transform your working day, reduce stress and increase your personal productivity dramatically.

When Film Imitates Life

      Royston Tan may be the more familiar name in the local film-making scene, but Terence Koh also has similar film-making dreams. Having wanted to be a filmmaker...

An Interview With Mouli Cohen, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

Mouli Cohen, founder of Voltage Capital, shares with us his thoughts on success, entrepreneurship, investment philosophies, and philanthropy.

Bontq Makes It Easier To Squish Bugs

Bontq is a web-based project management and bug tracking application that lets you manage projects, track bugs, manage tasks and maintain documentation.

Innovating The Singapore Blogosphere

The way the Singapore blogosphere is growing, throw a stone randomly these days and you're likely to hit a self-proclaimed social media expert, guru or master. Mention Facebook, Twitter or Plurk, and you'd be swamped with unsolicited advice from all over on how such social media platforms do, or do not work, in the Singapore context.

JabberJury.com – Weighing In On Conflict Resolution

JabberJury (www.jabberjury.com) is a virtual courtroom where people can air and settle their conflicts, with the public weighing in.

No Ordinary Phlook

I first came across online photo-hosting service Phlook.com at Unconference 2008. Founders Ng Wee Kiat and Justine Ho was pitching their idea to the audience but, at that time, I wasn't sure if the World Wide Web needed another Flickr clone.

It Pays To Follow Your Passion (Most Of The Time)

Passion makes things happen. This is never so clearly evident as with Finnish video-making cult hero Timo Vuorensola or Hugh Hancock of Strange Company. Timo created...

Christian Arno & Lingo24 – Translating The Language For Success

In just eight years, Christian Arno grew his translation company Lingo24 from a home-based business to a company of 112 full-time employees working across four continents, with clients in over sixty countries and an annual turnover of over US$6m.

Giift.com – Playing The Right Cards

Touted as the world's largest loyalty and card program network, Giift.com allows users to combine many of the card programs available globally onto one platform, and keep track and manage their accumulated rewards such as points or air miles in one place.

Visual Factory – Stitching Together A 3D Virtual World of Opportunity

Ilan Ofek is a 20-year veteran in the defense industry. However, these days he brings his knowledge in image understanding, simulation systems and advanced artificial intelligence to build his 3D immersive social network startup, Visual Factory.

Four Of The Most Influential People In Business Technology

Several up-and-coming business leaders emerged within just the past few years, marking the waves of change in the world of business and technology. Morgan Sims shares her favorite four.

FemininRascal.com – Sourcing Great Fashion Accessories For You

Feminin Rascal (FemininRascal.com) is an online branded luxury accessories store that specializes in new, up-and-coming as well as existing celebrity European designers and specialty brands, but catered for an international audience.

VentureBoard Helps Universities Help Startups

VentureBoard is a higher education software platform where students can start their ventures, but also allow universities to create and manage their own entrepreneurship ecosystems.

LeapFish.com – Swimming With The Big Kahunas Of Search

Google and Yahoo! may be the big boys of search today, but that hasn't stopped other new search engines such as Cuil from popping...
jordan fletcher

[INTERVIEW] Jordan Fletcher, St. Catharines Executive, President Of Gorge Holdings

Jordan Fletcher has been the president of Gorge Holdings Inc. for 12 years, expanding and improving the real estate company’s portfolio throughout the many Ontario towns where it owns and manages properties.

Aiiooo.com – A Virtual Social Network For Pets

Aiiooo (www.aiiooo.com), a fully-fledged social network for pets, offers pet owners a place online for everything pet-related.

Singapore Startup AFTERSHOCK PC Guns For Gaming Laptop Market

A new Singapore hardware startup, AFTERSHOCK PC, believes it can compete in the laptop market with its range of custom laptops wholly dedicated for gaming.

Shiroube.com Finds Local Guides For Travelers

Shiroube (www.shiroube.com) is a site that connects intrepid travelers to local residents anywhere in the world.

Of Cups and G-Strings

Brandon Lee has an unusual occupation. This 26-year old is the proud owner of Closet Lingerie, an online commerce site which deals with, ahem, ladies'...

ELOHIM: God-Inspired Fashion

Early this year during the Audi Fashion Festival, featured alongside fashion heavyweights Gareth Pugh, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix and Marc Jacobs was a little known local label called ELOHIM.

[Interview] Aneace Haddad, founder of Taggo

In this video interview, Mike Foong chats with Aneace Haddad of Taggo about how his startup seeks to manage loyalty card subscriptions.
online learning

The Rise of eLearning Platforms – Types, Business Models & Solution For Startup Edupreneurs

As people switch more to the online realm for education and knowledge, the scope and application of elearning platforms will only get bigger.

Why Niche Start-Ups Are Making Waves In 2020

Success in business is all about finding your niche and finding ways to serve it in the best way possible. We look at a few of the innovative start-ups making waves in 2020.

How Would You Invest S$10,000?

It's not a very big amount, but I asked three people - an entrepreneur and two investors - what they would do with $10,000...

Mithn Makes Things Happen Now

Getting your first customer is always difficult, as Collin and his business partner Joe found out. The two co-founders of Mithn Singapore had realised in...