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Claytorial – Turn Your Ideas Into Clay

When newly-launched mobile services startup Tagga.com was looking for a way to explain its text messaging services to customers and investors, it turned to...

You’ve GotVMail – Concentrating On A Specific Market Bring Rewards

Siamak Taghaddos and David Hauser met while attending the entrepreneur program at Babson College, located near Boston. Iranian-born (but Boston-raised) Siamak and Manhattan native...

Opinioneated.com On The Singapore Food Blogosphere

Opinioneated essentially pulls food reviews from established Singapore bloggers and aggregates them on a map of Singapore.

Founder Institute Singapore: Mentors Make A Difference

Welcome to the 'HotSeat' - possibly the most frightening, yet the most fruitful, time at a session of Founder Institute Singapore.

Azione PR – It’s All About Taking Action

Azione PR is a Los Angeles, California-based boutique public relations firm started by two enterprising and dynamic young women who despite their young ages already possess more than twenty years of experience in public relations and marketing in total.

Big Heart Baby – Baby Helping Baby

Founded in early 2010, California-based Big Heart Baby Clothing Company is positioned as a socially-conscious baby clothing company that donates 50-percent of profits to children’s charities.

Gothere.sg – Helping Singapore Find Its Way

Dominic Ee, Toh Kian Khai, Kuan Chih Yuan and Ang Jun Han is the team behind one of Singapore's most promising startups gothere.sg, a location-based service provider whose map and directional search engine that is steadily becoming the quintessential service for finding your way around Singapore.

SocialGoodies.com – Daily Deals For Social Good

Social Goodies (www.socialgoodies.com) offers unbeatable bargains and a way to give back to society, all at the same time. The site features daily deals from national and emerging lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and home decor brands at up to 70% off retail. With each purchase, Social Goodies donates 20% of the deal purchase price to worthy non-profit organizations.

Zapoint.com – Talent Management Gets Zapped

Anybody who's worked in human resources and have sorted through hundreds of resumes from job applicants know how painfully tedious this part of the...

Convenient Dating With eSynchrony

Contributing writer Ho Sim Yee chats with co-founder of Singapore-based Lunch Actually, Violet Lim, to find out more about eSynchrony, its latest effort in bringing singles together.

iWeb’s Akshay Shah Says Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough Men Do

Mumbai, India-based iWeb Technology Solutions was founded by Ketan Trivedi and Akshay Shah in 2005 to service the under-served small-to-medium enterprise (SME) market with cost-effective, enterprise-level software products.

Taggo – Making Customer Relationship Management Easy

Most people think entrepreneurship is one of the riskiest decisions they can ever make in their life. Not Taggo's Aneace Haddad.

There’s Something Abuzz With GoodBuzz

Mawuna Koutonin is the founder of London-based GoodBuzz, and his story is the stuff of dreams.

JHAudio – Making An Audiophile’s Dream In-Ear Monitors

JHAudio is a designer and manufacturer of premium, custom in-ear audio monitors for professional musicians, audiophiles and music lovers, as well as avionics equipment for pilots.

[Interview] Aneace Haddad, founder of Taggo

In this video interview, Mike Foong chats with Aneace Haddad of Taggo about how his startup seeks to manage loyalty card subscriptions.

G Element Builds Buildings in 3D

Contributing writer Caroline Yeung asks G Element’s business director Shinwe Yeow about the Singapore-based 3D digital software company's business and its expansion into the regional market.

Taiwan’s Tech Start-ups And Culture

When we talked about Asia and Chinese Internet start-ups, we definitely cannot miss Taiwan. If you haven’t already known, renown tech brands like HTC, BenQ and Asus all originated from the country.

Elephanti – Stomping Into The Mobile Marketing Space

CEO of mobile marketing solution provider Elephanti, Lalin Michael Jinasena, explains why he doesn't believe that his industry will go the way of the floundering daily deals industry.

Open Banking Is Becoming The Norm In The Banking Industry: Here’s What You Need...

Banking that used to be tedious and costly is changing thanks, in part, to open banking. Open banking is changing the way we conduct business creating financial power and freedom for consumers.

FlutterScape.com Makes Japanese Products Easily Accessible

Tokyo-based FlutterScape is a cross-border and cross-cultural social e-commerce platform that makes buying Japanese products easy and accessible.

LeadVine.com – Sharing Leads Made Easy

Sometimes it pays to talk to your competitors. In Allan Margate's case, talking to his competitor led to them founding LeadVine.com together. In 2002, Allan...

Chef Willin Low, Wild Rocket – Cooking Up Happiness

Why would a legal eagle ever give up a comfortable, high-paying desk job for the heat and toil of a kitchen? But Willin Low, chef-owner of Wild Rocket and Wild Oats, did exactly that some 7 years ago.

GIVE.sg – A Better Way to Give

If giving is a blessing, GIVE.sg wants to make it easier to bless others by democratizing the act of giving.

Do You Dream Of Becoming A CEO?

Thinking about starting your own business? If so, an incubator might be the best way to help your company get off the ground.

Learn Forex With OANDA’s Mobile App

If you're looking to dip your toes into the world of forex trading or simply to understand how it works, trying out an online currency market trading platform like OANDA - and especially its mobile app - may help ease you in.

Right Skills, Right Time With Skillendar

Ever encountered the frustration of trying to look for a service provider, but unable to find a suitable one based on locality and the availability of the service provider? Skillendar (http://www.skillendar.com) may be able to help.

An Interview With Mouli Cohen, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

Mouli Cohen, founder of Voltage Capital, shares with us his thoughts on success, entrepreneurship, investment philosophies, and philanthropy.

A Father And Son Business – GiftsOnTime.com

GiftsOnTime (GiftsOnTime.com), run by a father and son team, is an online gifting platform that lets professional service providers to select and schedule client gifts to celebrate any occasion, with delivery throughout the year.

Socialwok.com – Making Enterprises More Social

Socialwok plans to make small-to-medium sized companies a lot more social in the way that they work. Developed by the team at Singapore-based Voiceroute, Socialwok is an on-demand enterprise social platform that lets organizations collaborate more effectively and manage social media interactions better.

Swap, Borrow Or Lend E-Books With EBookFling

eBookFling (www.ebookfling.com) is a startup that creates a virtual "e-book swap" that facilitates the direct lending of e-books between consumers using the lending features enabled by the Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.