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A Different Way to Browse Tweets With ReadEvery.com

ReadEvery (www.ReadyEvery.com) is an interesting way to follow Twitter. ReadEvery lets you follow tweets from the people you follow on a single page and is a good way of finding interesting Twitter users that your immediate follow circle is following.

An Interview With Mouli Cohen, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

Mouli Cohen, founder of Voltage Capital, shares with us his thoughts on success, entrepreneurship, investment philosophies, and philanthropy.

Entrepreneurs: OFO Says Save Money, Buy Used Furniture

Entrepreneurs who are starting out always look out to reduce costs. When it comes to setting up an office, OFO, a e-commerce site that trades in second-hand office furniture, believes it can help.

[Infographic] 5 Security Threats You Shouldn’t Worry About (And 5 You Should)

From passwords and the Internet of Everything to nation state cyber warfare and jumping mobile malware, this infographic from WatchGuard helps you gain some security perspective for 2015.

Building The Right Corporate Culture, From A Self-Confessed Former Jerk Of A Boss

Not every boss likes to admit that they've been a self-focused jerk, but Jay Steinfeld, the founder and CEO of Blinds.com, confesses that he was a jerk of a boss who used to terrorize his employees and micro-managed every detail of his business.

JabberJury.com – Weighing In On Conflict Resolution

JabberJury (www.jabberjury.com) is a virtual courtroom where people can air and settle their conflicts, with the public weighing in.

The Idea Behind Moodler, The Mood Graph Microblog

Here's an interview with the founder of Moodler, an India based micro-blogging platform which tracks the mood of your social network.

ArticleBuff – Crowdsourcing Your Writing

Andrew Elliot is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur and, he readily admits, one who has 'failed' often. But the founder of ArticleBuff - an online marketplace and resource site for writers - chooses to view those experiences positively.

SocialGoodies.com – Daily Deals For Social Good

Social Goodies (www.socialgoodies.com) offers unbeatable bargains and a way to give back to society, all at the same time. The site features daily deals from national and emerging lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and home decor brands at up to 70% off retail. With each purchase, Social Goodies donates 20% of the deal purchase price to worthy non-profit organizations.

Play By Ear Music School Plays A Beautiful Tune

Play By Ear (PBE) Music School is currently the largest pop and jazz keyboard music school in Singapore. Founded in 2003 by Mr Andrew Yau when he was 23, the school has come a long way since in an incredibly short period of time.

Betterfly.com For A Better You

Betterfly (www.betterfly.com) is a services matchmaking website that helps match people who want to learn, look and feel better with providers of self-improvement services.

Four Of The Most Influential People In Business Technology

Several up-and-coming business leaders emerged within just the past few years, marking the waves of change in the world of business and technology. Morgan Sims shares her favorite four.

ShowNearby.com – It’s All About Location, Location, Location

Online location-based information services are all the rage now with Singapore-based startups, and one of the more recent to emerge is ShowNearby.com.  Launched in...

Property Finds A New Home

What: Findpropertysg, a new online portal for Singapore property buyers and sellers. The site provides home owners, sellers and real estate agents DIY (Do-It-Yourself)...

It Pays To Follow Your Passion (Most Of The Time)

Passion makes things happen. This is never so clearly evident as with Finnish video-making cult hero Timo Vuorensola or Hugh Hancock of Strange Company. Timo created...

The Intersect Fund – Small (Business) Is The New Big

The Intersect Fund is a non-profit microlender that aims to provide small businesses in New Jersey with loans - from $500 to $20,000 - to help get them off the ground.

Locomi.com – Three Friends, Three Places And One Startup

Food can unite people. In the case of Sumit Shah, Ravi Bhushan and Siddharth Vanchinathan - the founders of Locomi.com - also discovered that...

Singapore To Get New Posterboy For Entrepreneurial Success?

The room was totally packed at the keynote presentation in BlogOUT! '09, but you can't truly be sure what the crowd was here for.

ThoughtBuzz – Measuring Social Media Buzz in Real-Time

How do we measure social media? That question may seem simple, but startup ThoughtBuzz was founded just to answer that question.

Want Help Buying A Gift? You Need INeedGift.com

Singapore-based INeedGift (www.INeedGift.com), started by Niles Toh, 25, and Wilbur Suen, 25, looks at helping busy and time-stressed locals source for premium gifts and deliver it to their intended recipients - for a price, of course.

Household.sg – Groceries For Every Household

With changing consumer trends and the benefit of technology, some startups are beginning to look at ways of innovating the grocery shopping experience for the better. One of the latest in Singapore to try is Household.sg (www.household.sg), an online supermarket with a focus on household essentials and groceries.

VoucherWOW Rewards Collective Buying

VoucherWOW is a new Singapore-based startup that is looking to position itself as the website where visitors tap on the power of group-buying for the best deals in Singapore.

Manga Castle – Online Social Games For Manga Fans

Sylvia Yao and Wu Di are such intense manga and gaming enthusiasts that they decided to start Manga Castle, a social gaming company based on the Japanese style of comics and print cartoons.

Singapore’s Startup Scene – Once Lost, But Now Am foound?

The startup star of Echelon 2010 was undoubtedly mobile location-based social networking service foound, who wowed audiences and panelists alike during a startup launchpad pitching session at the web and technology event.

Gothere.sg – Helping Singapore Find Its Way

Dominic Ee, Toh Kian Khai, Kuan Chih Yuan and Ang Jun Han is the team behind one of Singapore's most promising startups gothere.sg, a location-based service provider whose map and directional search engine that is steadily becoming the quintessential service for finding your way around Singapore.

MentorMob.com Aims To Revolutionize Learning Through Crowdsourcing

Chicago-based startup MentorMob (www.mentormob.com) is a free, community-based collaborative service that aims to aggregate and organize the best online educational content on any topic, so it's easier to find.

Enter The Momtrepreneurs

When moms get together in a group, you sometimes get a Tupperware party. What happens when moms who happens to be entrepreneurs get together? You get a Momtrepreneur Exchange.

Out-Of-The-Box Retail

Who: InQbox What: A unique rental service that allows you to lease a variety of different-sized display shelves in a urban retail concept store to...

Tischen – Employment For All

Founded in July 2010, New York-based Tischen (www.tischen.com) is an online directory where people set up a personal webpage to showcase their skills and experience with the hope of finding a job. The site has an extremely lofty goal - to rid the world of unemployment.

GOODSTUPH, A Bad-Ass Social Influence Marketing Agency

The 'accidental creative rebel' of Ogilvy PR's 360° Digital Influence team in Singapore, Pat Law, is now the boss lady of her own little consultancy, GOODSTUPH.