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FemininRascal.com – Sourcing Great Fashion Accessories For You


Feminin Rascal (FemininRascal.com) is an online branded luxury accessories store founded and curated by New York fashionista, Estee Lieberman. Launched earlier this year, Feminin Rascal specializes in new, up-and-coming as well as existing celebrity European designers and specialty brands, but catered for an international audience.

“We have a passion for finding great items and discovering great brands, whether it is a new and of-the-moment designer we think everyone should know about, or a classic heritage brand that has stood the test of time,” explains Lieberman. “We are not looking to scout the ‘it’ item of the month, but rather fulfilling a desire for timeless, current, and chic products that help our customers create lifestyles that appreciate quality rather than superficiality, luxury over mindless disposability.” The site carries items from scarves to jewellery, sunglasses to shoes, belts to bags, which Lieberman says carry “a thrilling balance between beauty and character”.

Challenges And Opportunities

The mompreneur shares that her site is modeled after her own young daughter, who is “both dainty and mischievous”. It may be a strange way to do business, but Lieberman says that her daughter’s character helps inform the direction and the decisions her company takes, such as what brands to carry.

What Lieberman really enjoys from doing Feminin Rascal is being able to find great items and being able to share it with her customers. “The enjoyment I got from finding great and surprisingly very popular shops abroad that were not familiar to me as an American consumer,” she explains.

Aside from the challenge of competition from more established fashion sites that have a far wider global reach, Lieberman says it is important for Feminin Rascal to make sure that everything they sell represents who they are as a brand, yet, at the same time, appeals to different tastes. Another challenge? “Staying focused on the big picture and not getting caught up with minor details that will work themselves out once the big picture is on track,” she quips. The biggest lesson she’s learned, starting Feminin Rascal, was “keeping to a budget”.

But Lieberman says such challenges should not stop anyone from pursuing their fashion entrepreneurship dreams.

“If it is your passion – go for it! I believe anyone can be successful if their passion is what makes them go,” Lieberman concludes.


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