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Emergent Detection’s BodyKey Aids Your Fight Against Flab

Obesity is a major problem in America and it's only getting worse. Entrepreneurs Keegan Hall and Eric Fogel, founders of Emergent Detection, believe they have a solution to this weighty issue with their fitness technology product, BodyKey.

Erwan Mace and Bitsmedia – Developing Mobile Applications That Stick

Bitsmedia Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based mobile application development shop specializing in the development of iPhone applications, such as Muslim Pro, MyHub, Quit'n'Tell and OnMyWay, amongst others.

Taiwan’s Tech Start-ups And Culture

When we talked about Asia and Chinese Internet start-ups, we definitely cannot miss Taiwan. If you haven’t already known, renown tech brands like HTC, BenQ and Asus all originated from the country.
Anastasia Temkina

Women In Archaeology – Anastasia Temkina Speaks On Her Experience

In any job field, gender will undoubtably play a role in the experience that one has. We talk to Anastasia Temkina, an archaeology student with her own experience as a woman studying archaeology.

AppSumo – Big Deal On Web Tools For Entrepreneurs

Appsumo.com (www.appsumo.com) is a daily deals site that offers deals on software and applications targeted at small businesses.
jordan fletcher

[INTERVIEW] Jordan Fletcher, St. Catharines Executive, President Of Gorge Holdings

Jordan Fletcher has been the president of Gorge Holdings Inc. for 12 years, expanding and improving the real estate company’s portfolio throughout the many Ontario towns where it owns and manages properties.

It’s A Prettysmart* Appeal For Collaboration

It was a hot and sultry Monday evening at the Raw Kitchen Bar, located on the premises of the old fire station along Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Advice On How To Deliver Excellent Customer Experience

Customer experience might have its roots in the origins of bartering and business, but it remains the most important aspect of commercial success in the digital age.

Intel – Redefining Mobility Computing With The Ultrabook

More than 20 Intel-enabled Ultrabook systems have been introduced since October 2011, and the companyl is currently tracking more than 110 3rd-generation Intel Core processor-based Ultrabook devices in the upcoming product roadmaps of their various hardware partners.

Top Entrepreneurs Find Global Success Despite Disabilities

Although living with a disability can be both frustrating and disheartening, they don’t have to stand in between an aspiring entrepreneur and large-scale success.

Fatboy’s Guide To Building A Burger Business

Fatboy's The Burger Bar is a specialist burger joint located in the heart of Singapore. Founded by brothers Bernie and Kennie Tay, Fatboy's was so named because both of them are, well, big boys.

SPUN Spirits – The Spirits Distribution Company With A Can Do Spirit

Startup spirits distribution company SPUN Spirits was born during the height of the COVID pandemic. We speak to its co-founders Matthew Fergusson-Stewart and Chris Chambers about how they started.

The Tang Dynasty: An Age of Innovation

The Tang Dynasty era (618-907 AD) was a period of unprecedented peace and stability in China. Chinese arts and culture flourished, and it was also a period of notable Chinese technological progress and innovation.
Angela Carol

[Interview] Dr. Angela Carol Fights Addiction And Despair In Hamilton

For Hamilton family physician Angela Carol, MD, CCFP, FCFP, the health of young people and vulnerable populations in Canada is not a theoretical exercise.
smart buildings city

3 Top Myths About Smart Buildings Debunked

Learn about the most common misconceptions about building automation solutions and why these myths are preventing optimization.

Yanni Hufnagel: A Coaching Powerhouse

To be a top-notch college basketball assistant coach is to be both an excellent salesman and a brilliant recruiter. Yanni Hufnagel, the assistant coach of the Harvard basketball program between 2009 and 2013 happened to be both.
Vivek Cheba

[Interview] Dr. Vivek Cheba, Calgary Orthodontist And Small Business Owner

Dr. Vivek Cheba discusses what it takes to be a small business owner, and particularly the owner of an orthodontics clinic, during a pandemic.

Yoursphere – Safe Online Spheres Of Influence For Kids

Yoursphere is an online social network that is centred around safe and fun rewards-based interactive content and activities for children and young people up to the age of 18, with features dedicated to guarding youth privacy and safety.
Felicity Stone

[INTERVIEW] Felicity Stone, Toronto Author/Writer/Journalist

An award-winning graduate story about apartheid launched Felicity Stone's writing career and began her work as a freelance journalist.
office building front

Can Building Automation Systems (BAS) Help Companies Become More Sustainable?

Widespread adoption of BAS systems for buildings have been relatively limited. But developers are working toward universal adoption.

GroupPrice.com – Big Deals For Small Businesses

GroupPrice (www.groupprice.com) is a social commerce company that aims to help small business owners save time and money through group-buying of products and services.

BooksActually – A Local Bookstore That Thrives In A Digital World

BooksActually is an independently run bookstore tucked away far from the madding crowd at 9 Yong Siak Street. It is the result of two individuals united by their passion for the written and printed word – Karen Wai and Kenny Leck.

Tip-It – Tipping Over Daily Deals

Are there too many group buying sites already? Bryan Sio, Steven Kwok and Nicole Teo certainly don't think so - the three young undergraduate entrepreneurs has just launched Tip-It!, Singapore's latest site dedicated to daily deals.

Neff Headwear Makes Headway In Fashion And Culture

Shaun Neff started Neff Headwear in 2002 as a clothing company selling shirts and hats - he would buy 99-cent headbands and take a paint pen to them, and giving those to friends to help promote the brand.

[INTERVIEW] Zakaria Hersi, Founder Of Orten.io

Zakaria Hersi is one of those fortunate people who has been able to stitch his vocation and avocation together seamlessly in his quest to achieve success – on his terms.

[INTERVIEW] Michael Majeed, Finance Executive, SR&ED Tax Consultant

Financial services executive Michael Majeed says that while most entrepreneurs launch companies with great ideas, lots of ambition and the most sincere of intentions, it’s equally important to have a strong handle on their finances. 

Chef Willin Low, Wild Rocket – Cooking Up Happiness

Why would a legal eagle ever give up a comfortable, high-paying desk job for the heat and toil of a kitchen? But Willin Low, chef-owner of Wild Rocket and Wild Oats, did exactly that some 7 years ago.

MoneyLine.Sg – One-Stop Financial Information Site For Singapore

MoneyLine.sg is a new comprehensive online personal banking and finance comparison portal in Singapore offering free access to information covering a range of financial, personal banking and insurance products.

Play By Ear Music School Plays A Beautiful Tune

Play By Ear (PBE) Music School is currently the largest pop and jazz keyboard music school in Singapore. Founded in 2003 by Mr Andrew Yau when he was 23, the school has come a long way since in an incredibly short period of time.

Rochor Beancurd – Bean There, Done That?

30 year-old Singaporean Jason Koh did something totally unthinkable to many in his generation - he eschewed his very respectable IT degree from Queensland University of Technology and a systems engineer job to sell beancurd.