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The Long-Term Costs Of Mass Job Cuts… And How To Avoid Them

Layoffs don’t just hurt displaced employees; they have a severe long-term impact on companies. Dan Adams lays out the evidence… and offers some practical ways to avoid wielding the axe.
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Four Tips Gen Z Need To Excel In Leadership Roles

Gen Z leaders: embrace these core strategies to excel in leadership roles and inspire those around you to achieve their highest potential.

How Digital Technology Is Reshaping The Startup Journey

Startups today are navigating through a new digital era, leveraging an array of tools, platforms, and strategies to innovate, compete, and thrive in an increasingly connected world.
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It’s Only Q1, And You’re Already Frazzled. Here Are Six Reasons Why.

For many entrepreneurs Q1 has been a time of fast and unexpected growth — and small business “fixer” Julie Bee says many are (already) stressed and overwhelmed. Here’s why you’re tempted to take on more than you can handle in this period of plenty… and why you shouldn’t.

Leading To Win: Navigating Old-School vs. New-School Business Leadership

Rex Kurzius shares four key principles he's found as a business leader to be crucial for driving team success in a modern landscape.

How To Use Emotion And Movement To Build A Connection With Your Audience

Jose Ucar explains how to build an emotional connection with your audience, as well as how to explain and move effectively.

What’s Behind Your Procrastination Habit? Four Unmet Needs That May Be Keeping You Stalled...

Workforce management expert Jo Anne Preston says a variety of motivational needs underlie our tendency to procrastinate. Here are four of the most common — and what to do about each one.

Top Time-Saving Fitness Routines For Busy Founders

Panos Bampalis shares some time-efficient fitness routines tailored for busy founders despite their tight schedules.
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[Interview] Adam Gant, Canadian Author And Real Estate Investor

We recently spoke to real estate investor and author Adam Gant on his book, the concept and his devotion to bringing change to U.S. and Canadian housing markets.
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Electric Vehicle Charging: A Sustainable Solution For Transportation

Without reliable and working charging station infrastructure, the sustainable future that the EV era is meant to usher in may never come to fruition. 

Give Quiet A Chance In 2024 – It Changes Everything For Professionals

Constant distractions and disruptions will make it impossible to thrive at work, so it’s time to ring in the new year with a call for quiet. Joe McCormack, founder of The Quiet Workplace, shares how to turn down the noise at work in 2024.

Finding Opportunities By Seeing Like A Broker

Some of the most powerful companies in our modern economy were started by marketers who saw the opportunity to act as a broker and change consumer behavior.

Year Of The Builder: Why (And How) To Restore Your Company’s Builder Spirit In...

Dan Adams says the best companies are those with a senior leadership team full of “Builders,” not “Decorators” or other less growth-centric types. Here, he offers some red flags that yours may have lost the spark that made it great — and a three-step plan of attack to take next year.
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America’s Childcare Dilemma: How Two Startups Are Changing The Game

Two childcare companies - Kinside and Mirza - are proving that disrupting childcare is not only possible but also an opportunity worth investing in.

How To Literally Visualize Business Success By Tapping Into The Power Of Vision Boards 

A vision board is a visualization tool that you use to build a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams.
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My Black Belt Journey: A Tale Of Resilience, Mastery And Life Lessons

Considering incorporating Jiu Jitsu into your life? Roy Dean says it develops dynamic problem solving, adapting to evolving circumstances, and gives confidence.

Is Your Company Headed For The Commodity Death Spiral?

If you’re not growing, you’re dying… and if you’re not laser-focused on delivering differentiated value to customers, you’re certainly not growing. Dan Adams explains why companies that prioritize market-facing innovation will be the ultimate winners.

Opportunities Abound – If You Can Ignore The Doomsayers

When you can answer certain questions, you’ll find opportunities – and you can apply this to any asset class that you want to explore, says Mike Shapiro.
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Jack Welch’s Strategy Failed In The Long Run. Why Are So Many Companies Still...

Is your company’s growth sustainable long-term, or just window dressing for opportunistic leaders and investors? Dan Adams lays out three reasons why basing decisions on quarterly financial reports and curb appeal makes your business weaker, not stronger.
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Treading Lightly: A Mission For A More Sustainable Tourism Industry

Sustainable tourism shouldn’t be a trend or a buzzword but an imperative for all in order to guarantee that the generations to come can enjoy the beauty and the glamour of the places that we have spent so much time admiring.

The SEC’s Battle Against Coinbase And Binance, Explained

In early June, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed separate lawsuits against cryptocurrency companies Coinbase and Binance.

Diagnosing Your Business Leader: Builder, Decorator, Remodeler, Or Realtor?

Is your business leader a Builder, Decorator, Realtor or a Remodeler? Dan Adams shares how these leadership profiles can determine how a business grows.

Intrapreneurship For The Modern Workforce

Encouraging employees to think like entrepreneurs can bring fresh ideas and make work more enjoyable. Bjoern Sjut shares more.

Rethinking Influence In The Age Of AI: Five (Human) Strategies To Embrace Right...

Robert Dilenschneider says the key to success in any field is honing your ability to influence others. While tools like ChatGPT can help, that’s still a human endeavor.
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Navigating Selling: Everything Is An Iceberg

To go from being a good salesperson to a great salesperson, you need to think about every person, every event, and every company you deal with as an iceberg.
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The Art And Science Of Trends Forecasting, In Car Design And Beyond

Christian Delise says trends forecasting contains elements of science, but it is also an art form that relies on instinct and intuition in addition to the immense quantities of data.

Redefining Freedom

Creating your own freedoms is more about how you manage your mind than how you manage the resource - time, money, relationships - itself.

Elevating Customer Relationships: The Strategic Power Of Storytelling In Business

Through strategic storytelling, you can showcase the values, mission, and essence of your brand in a way that resonates with your audience.

The Issue Of Rising Pay For Attorneys And What May Be Driving The Salary...

At the top of the list of factors driving the present increase in associate compensation is a fierce competition for talent,

AI Stats And Trends For Small Business Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing automation can help small businesses work more efficiently and drive more sales.