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Preparing For Cultural Shift: Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Remote work is rising in popularity and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Companies should embrace the trend.

Should CEOs Be Activists?

If CEOs want to be activists and speak out on specific issues, they must genuinely align their activism with their company's values.

Can Crypto Change The Future Of Money?

Howard Yaruss examines how cryptocurrency or some other type of new alternative currency is likely to compete with the dollar by becoming widely accepted as money.

The Ethical Backbone Of Profitable AI For Small Businesses

By intertwining ethical guidelines with AI implementation, small businesses don't just avoid pitfalls, they enhance customer trust, bolster their brand, and pave the way for sustainable growth.

Beyond Buying: How AI And Large Language Models Are Redefining Media Advertising

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the advertising landscape, particularly reshaping the field of media buying.

Working The Favor Bank: Ten Ways To Grow Your Network And Get Things Done

If you’d like to build a strong, productive network, start by making deposits in the favor bank. Robert L. Dilenschneider explains what this means, how to build up your balance, and why you don’t need a lot of money or power to get the ball rolling.

Smart AI Will Consolidate Industries & Workplaces: Who Wins?

In this world of Smart AI every person and every organization will be impacted and challenged to develop a new way of working that enables the highest levels of human performance.

Finding Balance Before Burnout

Juggling too much? Finding balance is important, says Monica Yates. Trying to keep all of those balls in the air at once will cause burnout.

The Importance Of Financial Empowerment For Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Financial institutions and communities should help incarcerated individuals understand money as the first step toward their future reintegration.

The Value Of Values

True leaders are authentic in their espoused values and work to build organizations and cultures that are aligned with them.

Aspiring Influencers: Don’t Lose Sight Of These Six Simple Truths About Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool in your quest to build influence, but it’s no magic wand. Robert L. Dilenschneider says the key is getting clear on how to use it — and how not to.

How To Deal With An Ambivalent Boss 

Dealing with an ambivalent boss can feel like tiptoeing through a minefield. Vicky Oliver shares some ways to cope.

Green IT: Why The Next Era Of Enterprise Technology Is Sustainable

By implementing green IT and sustainable practices, businesses can not only reduce their own carbon footprint, but also be on the forefront of positive change. 
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The Virtual Reality Industry And Its Future

Virtual Reality is a rapidly expanding entertainment industry with increasingly sophisticated equipment and gaming arriving on the scene nearly daily.

Revolutionizing The World Of Branding And Investing: The Advent Of AI

To stay competitive, brands and investors must learn to harness AI's potential and adapt to this new technologically-driven world.

How To Use VSLs To Optimize Affiliate Marketing

VSLs allow affiliate marketers to lean into what they do best while giving audiences what they want the most: real, compelling stories that provide tangible solutions to the pain points in their lives.

You Can’t Save Your Way To Financial Security In Retirement

While saving money is an important habit, you can’t save your way to financial security for your retirement, says Chad Willardson.

The Right Way To Make Mistakes

People make mistakes; however, the biggest mistake is failing to learn from them, argues Robert L. Dilenschneider.
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Inflation Hitting Hard? Think Solar.

Inflation hitting the bottom line hard? Here are four ways solar energy is a smart bet, even in a shrinking economy.

9 Steps To Take To Prepare Yourself For The Most Important Meeting Of Your...

Getting your sleep-wake cycle regulated is essential to living up to your potential, insists Dr. Dwight Chapin. He offers steps to show up for this meeting prepared.

Discover The Power Of The 24-Hour Rule:  A Productivity Superpower

You must rethink, reprocess, or rewrite information within 24 hours of hearing it. Or in simpler terms: Just do something with the information.
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Get Started With The Metaverse: Best Practices To Create Such An App

By mastering the metaverse trends of today, you can communicatw your brand’s ideas and products to your intended audiences.
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Does Social Learning Benefit People Of All Socioeconomic Backgrounds?

Businesses that want to maximize their talent development efforts will find social learning to be the only tool capable of unleashing an organization’s full potential.

7 Drivers Of Startup Community Activity

Chris Heivly shares the seven basic cornerstone drivers of activity with respect to startup communities and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Do Constraints Cripple Your Team… Or Ignite Their Creativity?

When we approach boundaries and limitations with the right mindset, we unlock a wellspring of creative power. Gary Harpst offers some tips to create a constraints-busting culture.

Leveraging Second-Hand Equipment For Capital Efficiency, Savings, And Sustainability

The modern second-hand market can increase capital efficiency, help companies achieve profitability faster, and grow their business more efficiently.

Stop Building Large Departments: The Advantages Of Smaller Teams

Build small teams. A smaller team has a common purpose and level of intimacy that often leads them to come in early or stay late to get the job done.

Four Companies That Cast Off Their Constraints And Innovated Like Crazy

Gary Harpst looks at four companies that famously vaulted over limitations to create something completely new.

The Benefits Of Writing And Publishing Your Own Thought Leadership Book

Writing and publishing a thought leadership book can be a powerful tool for establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, thereby increasing your visibility and credibility.

Focus On People Over Tasks To Give Your New Role A Flying Start

Whether you’re promoted to a new role or just hired at a new company, It’s essential that you initially focus on people over tasks, says Liesbeth van der Linden.