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How’s Trading Looking So Far In The New Year?

For those assessing the best course for stock trading in 2022, here are a number of key factors brought into play by the pandemic that must be considered.
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Innocent Habits You Must Break To Stay Safe In A COVID World

Tricia Holderman, author of "Germinator: The Germ Girl's Guide To Simple Solutions In A Germ-Filled World" shares some tips to keep yourself – and others – safe when you’re out and about.

Ten Reasons To Make Mentoring Your New Year’s Resolution

Most people think of mentoring as a giving exchange, but it’s really a getting exchange. Bert Thornton and Dr. Sherry Hartnett share ten ways becoming a mentor can benefit you in 2022 — and beyond.

How Can Elite Performers Overcome Nonstop Criticism And Find Strength?

Not only do elite performers operate in highly-demanding, highly-visible industries with unique pressures, they are often naturally empathetic, emotionally attuned individuals.

Sidestep The Great Resignation: Keep Workers By Helping Their Communities

One key to keeping the best employees on board may lie in how well companies give them the opportunity to put their own skills and interests into action in making a difference in the world, argue Maggie Z. Miller and Hannah Nokes.

5 Things To Keep In Mind About Networking — And No, It’s Not A Numbers...

Building a network is about the quality of connections and not a numbers game. It’s about the amount of time you spend with your colleagues. It’s about creating a win-win scenario for each of the people in your sphere.

Gamers Can Lead the Way For Mainstream NFT Adoption

Those who want to play a role in the growth of NFTs should keep an eye on the world of gaming, where the NFT revolution is already well underway.

Why Entrepreneurs Are Made, Not Born

The question of whether entrepreneurs are born or made goes a lot deeper than most people think, argues Christan Hiscock.

How To Manage Your Most Important Product In 2022 – You

Know what we can and can’t control, and act accordingly. Tom Noser shares three areas in which you can better manage yourself.

4 High-Impact New Year’s Resolutions All Entrepreneurs Should Follow In 2022

Are you wondering how you can take your business to the next level in 2022? Ray Blakney, CEO and co-founder of Live Lingua shares 4 tips.

How Do Top Businesspeople, Athletes, and Artists Solve Problems? They Use These 6 Steps

How do successful people like top managers, elite athletes, and highly regarded artists tend to approach problem-solving? Paola Knecht shares six simple yet powerful steps.

How To End Your Dependence On Credit Cards And Spend Wisely For The Holidays

George Williams III, founder and president of Williams Financial Group offers tips to avoid getting into debt – or more debt – during the holidays.

How To Turn One Book Into 7+ Figures Of Revenue For Your Company

You can turn one book into 7 or more figures in revenue for your business. Michael Shreeve, founder of Peaceful Profits, shares how you can.

The Great Resignation: How To Set Yourself Up For Success As An Entrepreneur

Joining the Great Resignation and looking to start your own gig? Sonia Magruder shares some tips that can help you transition seamlessly into your new career. 

How Learning A New Language Will Enhance Your Career Success

If you feel like your career growth has plateaued, take action by mastering a foreign language. Ray Blakney explains why you should do it.

Finding The Courage To Be Present

Presence is developing a skill for being in the moment and experiencing everything that comes along with it. Be present in what you do.

Become A Thought Leader In Your Industry By Using Videos

Torrey Tayenaka shares how to use videos to become an industry leader in building your brand with an organic marketing strategy and gaining thousands of leads, which will ultimately increase your revenue. 

Grow Your Value

Leading a group of peers without line authority is perhaps the best example of having influence and impact. But it requires several skills.

How To Invest For Your Kids On A Tight Budget

There are a number of ways you can start investing for your kids, regardless of how tight your budget is. Marlo Richardson shares her thoughts.

From Screen To Store: Why e-Commerce And Brick And Mortar Are Stronger Together

As omni-channel retail advances, we can expect to see more hybrid shopping experiences that combine the benefits of e-commerce and brick and mortar to create the ultimate customer experience.

4 Lessons Learned From Successful Sports Negotiations And Contracts

There are lessons that we can draw from high-dollar public sports negotiations that can be applied to our business transactions and career.

What’s A Company Name Really Worth?

Top brand consultancies and naming agencies charge five- or even six-digit fees to develop company names. What’s behind those price tags, and what’s a less expensive approach to finding the perfect name for your company?

In Retirement Planning, Short-Term Greed Never Outweighs Long-Term Benefits

Short-term greed never outweighs long-term benefits when it comes to retirement planning, insists Peter Blatt.

Online Marketers: Leverage The Power Of Pinterest

President of Silver Frog Marketing, Christina Ross, shares tips to help marketers build their brands, increase traffic, and create loyalty through Pinterest.

How To Help Employees Look Forward To Monday In A Hybrid Working World

Adam Witty shares four steps for creating such a customer-centric company culture in a hybrid working world.

Should Your Brand Use AI?

In determining how your business should use AI, you need to find a balance between AI and human tools, to deliver a superior customer experience, says Darshan Mehta.

$1B Lessons On Innovation From Dollar Shave Club

Here are three core lessons we can learn from successful, innovative companies like Dollar Shave Club.

Your Next Career Move – How To Find A Company With Soul?

Finding a new workplace seems to be the hardest thing – at the top of the list of criteria is the company's purpose and whether there is potential to sign up to it.

The Art of Simplicity: What Does It Take To Sell A Complex Idea?

Tom Stanfill shares a few ideas to get you started on building compelling word pictures that bring simplicity to complex selling.

4 Ways To Fight Burnout And Win

Work-life balance, or imbalance, has always been a challenge for women. Andi Simon says taking some time for you, even just a few minutes a day, can truly change your life.