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Top Tips for Branding Your New Business

Brand identity is one of the most important factors in building a new business. By identifying who you are as a brand, creating memorable logos and visuals, and staying consistent, you can build a brand that people won’t forget.

What To Do When Business Relationships Go South

Experienced attorneys can bring business partnerships to amicable ends, keeping in mind the end goals and incentives of everyone involved in the partnership.

The Art Of Storytelling In Business: Captivating Your Audience

At its core, storytelling in business is about weaving a compelling narrative around your products, services, and brand identity.

Consistency In Leadership: How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

As a leader, you will be under the microscope. Because of this constant scrutiny, you must maintain a steadfast leadership approach in every area of your life and your core values and beliefs.  

Boosting Your LinkedIn Presence: Tips & Strategies

The key to success on LinkedIn lies in consistently engaging with your network, sharing content, and updating your profile keeps you visible and relevant.

From Chaos to Order: Transforming Your Property Management With Software Solutions

Alexey Shalimov shares how AI and property management software can help property managers streamline and improve their operations.

Why INFLUENCE Is The 2023 Word Of The Year For The Business Sector

Influence is Robert L. Dilenschneider’s choice for the business version of Word of the Year. Here, he explains why — and offers 10 tips for building yours.

Streamline Your Workflow: How AI Helps Businesses Create Efficient SOPs

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way businesses create and manage SOPs, ushering in an era of unprecedented efficiency and streamlining.

What Advertisers Need To Know About CTV Marketing In 2024

Connected TV (CTV) has remained at the forefront for television consumption. As CTV's influence continues to surge, the brands that fully embrace its potential will lead the vanguard in the advertising revolution.
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Scaling Strategies For Venture Growth

Although growth and scale sound similar, they have different meanings in business. Diana Kander shares four strategies to achieve sustainable growth for your venture. 

Visualising Success: Crafting Engaging Standard Operating Procedures

Well-written standard operating procedures (SOPs) capture the unique strengths and values of your company's culture.

Embracing Change: The New Paradigm of Corporate Responsibility In Turbulent Times

In embracing change, we are not just redefining our businesses; we are participating in a larger movement toward a more conscious, responsible and sustainable future.

How To Fact-Find For Entrepreneurial Success 

Fact finding moves entrepreneurs from assumptions about the markets, customers, and competitors to informed decisions and strategic actions.  

Uncorking The Benefits: How Corporate Wine Parties Foster Employee Well-Being And Camaraderie

Corporate wine parties, often considered a pleasurable deviation from the norm, are proving to be a valuable tool for enhancing employee well-being and fostering camaraderie in the workplace.

A Cornucopia Of Data To Sift Through?

Enterprise search offers over 25 different full-text and metadata search types so everyone can get to the right information quickly.

Embracing Diversity, Equity And Inclusion: The Key To Revolutionizing Corporate Culture

Revolutionizing corporate culture requires a comprehensive, organization-wide commitment to DEI in values, policies, and practices.

Building A Successful Trade Show Experience For Your Brand

Trade shows offer tremendous opportunities for companies to build brand awareness, generate leads, and promote their latest products and services.

Let’s Explore: Can SaaS PPC Elevate Your Start-Up’s Marketing Strategies?

SaaS PPC is a process of using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other channels to promote your software brand.

When Is It The Right Time To Bring On A Virtual Assistant?

How do you know when it’s the right moment to bring a virtual assistant in to support your business? Kathy Soulsby of Personally Virtual shares.

How The Leadership Dynamic Has Changed In America

To remain effective, today’s leaders need to adapt to a new workplace landscape, shifting their focus to developing skills that address new challenges.

Nurturing Success: The Dynamic Relationship Between Strategy And Culture

To truly grasp the intricate relationship between strategy and culture, we must recognize that they are intertwined and influence one another in a continuous feedback loop.

The ROI On Cybersecurity: How To Talk To The Board In Their Language

Even in the face of rising cybersecurity threats, convincing your board about the ROI on cybersecurity isn't always easy or straightforward. 

Why Leaders Need Financial Literacy

Amol Maheshwari and Shweta Jhajharia explain why financial literacy is important for leaders, and how they can improve their financial knowledge and skills.

The Future Of AI In Construction

AI opens up a world of possibilities for roles for tech savvy individuals who may have not considered entering the construction trades in the past.

Are You Customer-Obsessed? Here’s Why You Should Be

Customer obsession is a top-down commitment that requires buy-in across the org chart. Here are a few valuable ways to build a more customer-obsessed organization.

Six Traits That Empower You To Lead Effectively In Any Environment

No matter how intense the changes swirling around us may be, the basics of effective leadership haven’t changed. Robert L. Dilenschneider pinpoints some traits every leader should cultivate.

A New Framework To Inclusive Language

Suzanne Wertheim, PhD shares six key principles that will help you build a whole new toolkit for inclusive language.

Caught Up In An Employee Conflict? Here’s How To Get Out Of The Middle.

There’s tension between two employees, but is it your job to solve the problem? Jo Anne Preston offers strategies for staying out of staff conflicts while providing the support your team needs. 

6-Figure Lunches: 3 Practices That Turn Business Lunches Into Income

Getting intentional, curious, and aligned will take your business lunches, appointments, closings, and in-person conversations to a whole new level.

Why We Need Less Social Media And More Old-Fashioned Influence Building

Are you sacrificing real influence on the (superficial and short-lived) altar of social media? PR guru Robert L. Dilenschneider says PR pros and the companies that hire them need to focus less on chasing “likes” and more on building meaningful relationships.