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How To Retain Employees

Retaining employees is an important thing to do for any business to do. Erin Yurday, CEO, Co-founder and Editor of NimbleFins shares how provide a good work environment with enough benefits to help retain employees.

7 SEO Tips For Startup Success

Looking to up your SEO? Larry Kotch shares 7 SEO tips that every startup should be implementing in 2021 and beyond.

App Development For Entrepreneurs

Start your app development journey by having a clear strategy and goals in place, an remember to market your app well before you launch.

Why Leadership Shouldn’t Be A Solo Act: 4 Keys To Building A Support System

Leaders need to accept and acknowledge that they cannot do it all. Jason Randall shares four keys for leaders to build strong support systems.

Get Ready For The Holidays 2021

by Mark Kapczynski, Chief Marketing Officer of Gooten In the heat of summer, the holiday shopping season can feel like it’s a long way away....

Four Strategies To Consider If You’re Looking To Grow Your Business

Growing a business past its earliest stages is no easy task. Mai Fenton, Chief Marketing Officer for Superscript shares four ways to grow your customer base and diversify your distribution channels.

Sales Career May Be A Hard Sell For Young People… But Don’t Lower Your...

The market is flooded with job openings for salespeople right now, but there are few takers. In your quest to attract (reluctant) young candidates, don’t settle, says Dr. Chris Croner. If they don’t have Drive, keep looking.

How An Injection Of Youthful Wisdom Can Rejuvenate Corporate Boards

Reserving seats on corporate boards for younger directors helps keep boards relevant, current, and ever evolving, insists Patricia Lenkov.

How Prepared Is Your Company For The Next Global Crisis?

As COVID cases surge, bringing new lockdowns with them, it’s never been more obvious that every organization is at risk for traumatic disruption. You can’t control everything, but here are seven ways to mitigate the damage and start the healing process.

Worried That Inflation Will Deflate Your Retirement Plan? 5 Tips To Protect Yourself

Retirement planning should definitely include inflation-protected investments that will more than cover the current average rate of inflation, says Aaron Leak, founder of ECL Private Wealth Management.

Is Your Social Media Influencer Business Legal?

Because many influencers start creating content as a passion project, the legalities and liabilities can come as a surprise.

5 Steps To Incorporating Inclusive Design For Your Business

How can you incorporate inclusive best practices into your design as a small business owner or entrepreneur? Shayne Tilley shares five key steps to help get you started.

How To Adopt A Powerful Approach To Vendor Payments

Spurred by the need for remote work capabilities, companies today are trying to move from manual processes to electronic vendor payments.

How To Boost Retention Of Remote Employees

If you want to work effectively with - and retain - your remote team, you need to first understand their needs and wants.

Could Debt Demolish Your Retirement Dreams? 5 Tips To Prevent That

If you are in or near retirement, how can you go about reducing the debt that is frustrating your financial plans? Joshua Lewis Layman Lewis Financial Group shares his thoughts.

How Building Their Personal Brand Can Bring Women Back To The Workforce

Author of "Build Brand You" Vince Thompson shares some ways women can build and use their personal brand to position themselves for a comeback to the workforce.

Today’s Hiring Game: How Degrees, Benefits, Diversity Come Into Play

Skills can be taught, but attitude is something that resides in a candidate’s psychological makeup and is much harder to affect through training.

Five Mistakes Digital Brands Are Making

Raj De Datta, Co-founder and CEO of Bloomreach shares on the mistakes brands are making in creating their digital experiences, and how they can pivot to better connect consumers with what they’re seeking.

The Need For Diversity On Corporate Boards And How To Get There

Patricia Lenkov, author of "Time's Up: Why Boards Need To Get Diverse Now" offers a few ideas on how companies can increase diversity in the corporate boardroom.

Are Your Best Marketers Accepting Recruiter Calls?

Talent retention has never been more critical, and companies need to know how to manage their top marketing people so they don’t lose them.
shopify plus

Your Checkout Experience Is Essential For eCommerce Growth – How Shopify Plus Can Help

Shopify Plus uses innovative features designed for high-volume businesses that help you optimize each customer’s checkout experience.

How Can Marketing Engage Today’s Consumers? Lose The Funnel, Use A Loop

Jeff Pedowitz, ForbesBooks author of "F The Funnel" offers the loop is an alternative to the marketing funnel. He shares the loop’s five stages of client expansion.

Do Your Employees Respect You? Why It Matters What Type Of Manager You Are

There are three types of managers, and two of them aren’t effective for the long term. David Radlo describes the characteristics of those different kinds of managers.

7 Considerations For Creating The Perfect Hybrid Work Environment

Hybrid work environments offer companies the ability to attract talented employees regardless of their location and to retain them.

How Business Owners Can Use Unconventional Strategies To Attract Leads

Alex Machuca, chairman of MachucaX and CEO of Lyncrest Media offers some things entrepreneurs can use to re-think the way they attract leads.

Tips For Handling And Managing Employee Complaints

In the business world, employee complaints are almost inevitable. Third-party hotlines can be influential in helping you handle employee complaints.

Don’t Hire A Remote Salesperson Until You’re Sure They Have This (Non-Negotiable) Quality

How can you be sure the remote salesperson you hire will actually be selling while working from home? Dr. Chris Croner says you have to test them for drive.

Effective Listening: Building Client Relationships That Last

How do you build mutually rewarding client relationships? Effective listening, says Paul Cowan. Effective listening can transform your client relationships for the better.

Inexpensive Branding Strategies For Growing Your Small Business

Your brand is an invaluable tool that can lift your business – or hold it back. These strategic branding investments will enable you to create a compelling brand without breaking the bank.

How Leaders Can Convince Reluctant Employees To Return To Work

When it comes to bringing hesitant employees back to the office, workplace trends expert Rick Grimaldi says the carrot is much more effective than the stick. Here, he shares ten ways to prepare and incentive your team for a return to work that works for everyone.