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Young Employees Want Leaders Who Care About Them. But What Does That Really Mean?

We all know today’s talent wants great relationships with their leaders. Gary Harpst says there’s no way to fake it: We must genuinely love our employees — and that can be shockingly difficult.

Small Businesses, Here’s How You Can Improve Your Digital Marketing In A Blink Of...

AI is everywhere now. Dave Charest shares some easy ways small businesses can start using AI in their marketing strategy.

4 Ways All Leaders Can Multiply Their Impact

Brendan P. Keegan shares some ways leaders can create their own legacy and to leave a greater imprint on the world.
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4 Hallmarks Of A Successful Agent-Client Relationship

To earn a client’s trust, blend credibility, reliability, relatability and divide by self-orientation. Here is a closer look at each of the components of a successful client-agent relationship.

Letting People Go: The Secret To A Peaceful Exit Lies In A Transparent Entrance

Firing an employee is the most dreaded of all leadership tasks. Gary Harpst says a kinder, gentler separation begins at a surprising time—the minute you offer them the job.

Is Hiring A Salesperson Worth It For Law Firms?

Although hiring an intake specialist might seem like a luxury to some law firms, it is an investment that will pay off, says Raquel Gomes of Stafi.

Why Your Strategic Plan Isn’t Enough: How To Adapt And Thrive In A Fast-Changing...

Startups can create a new strategic plan that is responsive to the current market environment, agile, and resilient, enabling them to succeed and thrive in uncertain times.

Build A Fast Personal Bond With New Customers And Business Contacts

Your success as a businessperson depends on building quick trust with new customers and business contacts.
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The Secret Chemistry That Will Make Interviewers Love You 

Going for a job interview? Here are some tips to build the chemistry that lets your interviewer know you’re the right match.

10 Quick Tips For Better Email Negotiations

Email negotiations are here to stay, so it’s important to neutralize potential pitfalls and maximize your opportunity for success.

How Brands Can Build A Positive Reputation And Grow Customer Loyalty In 2023

Growing customer loyalty and building a positive brand reputation is more important than ever these days.

Crafting A Comprehensive Benefits Literacy Plan For Your Employees

With rising healthcare costs and a tough labor market, benefits are an important part of recruiting and retaining top talent. Make sure you develop a proper benefits literacy plan for your employees.

The Difference Between Toxic Positivity And Negativity And How They Impact Individuals, Teams, And...

Toxic positivity and negativity are threats to any business ecosystem. They leave no room for empathy, awareness, or authenticity which are paramount to leading a team to success.

Are These Five Toxic Workplace Behaviors Driving Away Your Talent?

It won’t matter if you hire the “best of the best” if your culture immediately shuts off their upper brain. Michael Frisina reveals the five super-toxic behaviors you must squash right now.

Is Meritocracy Undermining Your Employees (And Sabotaging Your Goals)?

Amri B. Johnson shares some tips to help you deconstruct the myth of meritocracy and make your organization fairer and more inclusive to all.

How Can Startups Manage And Promote Employee Wellbeing?

Kate Pritchard of People Insight shares a few reasons why employee wellbeing is important for both the individual employee and the organisation as a whole.

5 Hacks For Great Video Meetings

It’s time to use video meetings and experiment with new ways to deliver information, incorporating speed, melody, tone, pauses, eye contact, body language, and interactions.

8 Tips On Building Your Network

The secret to building your network is to incorporate it into your business plan. Here's how to meet others in your industry and take advantage of the doors that open to new opportunities along the way.
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How To Artificially Magnify Your Impact In The Market

By providing a seamless, friendly and accurate experience, the small business owner and start-up can build a community of raving fans that are loyal and have a high lifetime value.

How To Make An Outstanding Sales Pitch 

Crafting a convincing and effective sales pitch can be essential to sales success. ScreenSight shares seven tips to help you make an outstanding sales pitch.

The Impact Of Divorce On Office Culture And The Bottom Line

When someone on the team is dealing with their divorce, everyone around them in the office or on the team is affected.

Why Nonprofits Need Digital Marketing Now

Nonprofit organizations can’t afford to put digital marketing on the back burner. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your digital marketing efforts.

The Meritocracy Myth: Seven Ways Merit-Based Organizations Perpetuate Privilege (And Oppress Everyone Else)

The notion of meritocracy is hardwired in many organizations as an ethical, rational, and just performance measure. In reality, it hurts the very people companies want to lift up through inclusion. DEI practitioner Amri B. Johnson separates the ideal from reality. 

Four Design Trends Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know In 2023

Caitlin Collins shares four graphic design trends you can tap into to meet and exceed customers expectations in 2023.

Never, Ever Close!

Really successful selling in SaaS is not about having the best sales methodology or always saying the right thing at the right time. It is about continuously and steadfastly building your own IPC's.

3 Ways To Improve Your Business’ Cash Flow

Good, healthy cash flow is necessary for you to run your business. You need to have access to the funds that will run your business in an easy, timely manner.

How Does Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Help Advertising And Digital Marketing Agencies

by Charulatha Velumani Microsoft Dynamics Consulting can provide a wealth of benefits to advertising and digital marketing agencies. By leveraging the powerful capabilities of...

The Praise Sandwich: Employee Feedback And Coaching

A leader or manager should always strive to help your team members improve. A great way to do this is through feedback and coaching.

Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: Five Inclusion-Friendly Acts To Help Coworkers Feel Safe And Welcome

Employees can set the tone for how the workplace feels to those who have been historically othered throughout their careers. DEI strategist Amri B. Johnson shares five actions colleagues can take today to help create inclusion for all.

Managing Your Online Presence During A Recession: Where Not To Scrimp And Save

Tempted to cut your online spending? JoAnne Gritter highlights five areas not worth compromising on your website during a recession.