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David Farley Of Anatomic Global – Making You Sleep Better


We spent almost a third of our lives in it – sleeping in a mattress, that is. And how well we sleep determines how productive the rest of our waking hours are going to be, so it’s critical that we make sure we sleep well. One man has pretty much dedicated his life to ensuring that we snooze better – David Farley of Corona, California-based Anatomic Global (www.anatomicglobal.com), a provider of memory foam products primarily used for bedding.

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We’re all familiar with memory foam, the material that molds itself to the shape and curves of a person’s body and reduced pressure on joints. But that technology hasn’t changed much since it appeared in the market some 15 years ago. Farley – a former bedding engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the foam industry – and his team created Comfort By Design line of a cutting-edge eco-friendly memory foam mattresses that uses proprietary patented technologies (many of them owned by Farley himself) for better comfort and support. Its patented EcoMemoryFoam, for example, is made from sustainably manufactured soy-based extreme “open-celled” foam that allows nine times the airflow of normal memory foam (this means that the bed wouldn’t retain much heat, a common sleep complaint). And then there is its new patent-pending “Comfort Support Architecture” line of nine mattresses as well.

“Consumers told us that they don’t want a one-size-fits-all product but rather a mattress matched to their individual body shapes, weight, sleep positions, physical conditions and other factors that affect how they sleep on a mattress,” says Anatomic Global CEO David Farley. “With our Comfort Support Architecture we systematically build a line of customized mattress for each customer. We are raising the bar in the mattress industry with this concept.”

The company originally founded by Farley in 1989 as Anatomic Concepts, a medical products manufacturer specializing in mattresses. But aggressive growth has since seen it renamed Anatomic Global and shift to supplying memory foam products to more than 600 retail locations. It has also become the world’s leading online provider of memory foam products, fulfilling an average of 850,000 orders each year directly with U.S. consumers.

Farley holds 27 patents on the anatomic use of foam. And it looks like he’s unlikely to stop there.

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  1. Unfortunately Mr. Farley ran his company into the ground and ended up handing it over to FXI (foam supplier) due to being so in debt to them.

  2. This web site would be much more useful if it shares real insights on how to run a successful business, rather than simply reproducing press releases.

    • Hi Hun Boon,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Yes I agree that it would have been far more useful if we got more out of the entrepreneur in terms of how they run their businesses. Unfortunately sometimes we get screened by the communications or PR folks which means that, oftentimes, we don’t often get the answers we want.

      But I’m totally with you that we should delve deeper into what makes them successful, or their experience in setting up their businesses.



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