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Divorce Detox – Mending Relationships Online


When a marriage is on the rocks and divorce increasingly becomes an option, it’s usually a good idea to seek help from relationship experts. Here’s a couple of relationship experts who are attempting to disrupt their industry through technology – Los Angeles-based Divorce Detox (www.divorcedetox.com) is an online divorce therapy site that’s set up to help couples through the painful process of divorce.

For certain, divorce is a difficult topic nor something most people want to hear about, but the truth is that in the United States, around half of marriages are threatened by the prospect of divorce. That’s right, that’s one out of every two. That’s the painful reality.

Relationship experts Allison Pescosolido, M.A. and Andra Brosh, Ph.D. hope that their site Divorce Detox will help change the stigma of dealing with divorce. Previously, dealing with divorce meant meeting up in a sterile office of an relationship recovery expert in the hopes of thrashing issues out. With Divorce Detox, they’re looking at transiting from an in-person, expensive experience into an affordable US$9.99 monthly one online instead, employing emails, podcasts, private chats, forums and more to help ease the process of relationship recovery. It’s the new age of therapy – one that leverages the power of web technology.

“It takes courage to seek help,” says Pescosolido and Brosh, whose abilities to dispense honest and approachable advice on managing the challenges of separation and divorce have led them to become divorce recovery experts for Modernmom.com, Momlogic.com and Dadsdivorce.com. “Many of our clients remark that they wish they’d sought help sooner. Taking action relieves the pain and suffering, waiting seems to extend it.” Divorce Detox, they hope, will help lower the barrier for people seeking such help.

Divorce Detox is just under five years old and employs almost 50 employees.


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