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[Video] The Paradigm Project’s Stove Man

The Paradigm Project has launched a four-week web series called Stove Man that follow two young men, Greg and Austin, on a mission to distribute 5 million fuel-efficient cook stoves to people in need.

[Malaysia] Chalkboard Launches Location-Based Widget For HTC Devices

HTC and Chalkboard launches a free, easy-to-use widget that provides real-time updates and promotions from Chalkboard’s over 4,000 business customers to users of HTC's Android devices in Malaysia.

FeeFighters Helps Small Businesses Save On Credit Card Processing Fees

Chicago, Illinois-based FeeFighters is a free-to-use online comparison engine that lets you find the best rates for credit card processing services.

Great Clip’s Online Check-In Service For A Less Hairy Time

Minneapolis-based Great Clips, Inc has launched the industry's first-ever online check-in service, so those looking to get a fuss-free, convenient hair cut can simply check in for an appointment via the computer or a smartphone.

Social Music Streaming With Frenzapp Music

Singapore-based mobile application developer Bitsmedia unveils Frenzapp Music, an application that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to share and discover music in each other's devices.

MyStream Lets You Share Music With Others

MyStream allows users to synchronously share music with other users from their iPhone, iTouch, and iPad through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth within a certain range.

Manage And Schedule Appointments With TimeCenter

TimeCenter is a web-based application that helps you automatically organize and manage appointments and is well suited for small service-focused businesses that need to manage an appointment calendar.

Privacy-Oriented Video Sharing With Castr

Castr ( is an upcoming, free, open and anonymous video-sharing platform that is oriented towards protecting your privacy.

Crowdboxer Recommends Event Deals Based On Your Interests

Amsterdam, Netherlands-based Crowdboxer offers you special deals on events that's centered around your interests, with information pulled from your social media accounts.

CitiKitty For Toilet-Trained Feline Friends

CitiKitty's Rebecca Rescate couldn't find an off-the-shelf cat toilet training kit so did the next best thing - she invented her own.

MightyDeals Gets Creative On Daily Bargains runs daily deals on products and services such as applications, graphics, WordPress themes, templates and fonts, etc. where designers can find the best deals, as well as for businesses to reach new customers.

KidsPark – Childcare By The Hour

KidsPark is a U.S-based licensed hourly childcare company that was founded in Silicon Valley in 1988 and today has more than 11 centers around the country.

Giving Back While Using Email With GiveBackMail

The latest free email service to be launched, GiveBackMail (, donates to causes you care about every time you use email.

The Paradigm Project’s Profit For The Poor

The Paradigm Project's “Profit for the Poor” program redefines the idea of philanthropy - instead of applying philanthropic dollars to the needs of the poor, their model invites and engages investors and donors in a collaborative effort to create social enterprises that result in positive effects on impoverished communities and a positive financial return on invested dollars over time.

EatAds Wants To Be The Online Marketplace For Outdoor Media In Asia

Singapore based start-up,, wants to be the online outdoor media marketplace in Asia. While digital advertising is on the rise, outdoor media still has a big role to play in Asia.

Honey, It’s's location-based mobile dating application offers sugar daddies and sugar babies an effective and discreet way of connecting with one other.

Generate Bank-Ready Business Plans With

Enloop ( is a free software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that helps entrepreneurs and startups generate customized business plans complete with financial forecasts and ratio analyses and ready to present to financial institutions and investors.

eChook’s Short Stories On Your Mobile Device

eChook ( is a content publishing firm started by award-winning short story writer Tessa Smith McGovern that focuses on creating digital chapbooks for reading on-the-go. – Daily Deals For US SMBs

RapidBuyr ( today launched a daily deal site that caters exclusively to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), offering deep discounts of around 30 to 70-percent on products and services they need.

appsbar – Make Your Own Mobile App? There’s An App For That.

appsbar ( is a free and easy way for small businesses and individuals to build and publish their own mobile apps - for iOS, Android and Windows 7 devices - to reach their customers and audiences.

Motion Doctor iPad App – Therapy On The Move

Require physical therapy but the nearest therapist is far away in the next town? Never fear - if you have an iPad, check out the Motion Doctor iPad app.

Collectrium – Technology For The Art World

New York-based Collectrium ( is a technology company that's focused on creating web and mobile tools for collectors, galleries and art fairs to manage their art.

Indonesian Start-up Takes Karaoke Online

Want to sing karaoke in the comfort of home and show the world how good you are? You can just do that on

Start-up From India Wants To Digitize All Your Content

Having too many physical documents lying around is a problem. It becomes a real pain when we can’t find the relevant documents. India-based Kleeto hopes to solve this by digitizing all your documents and store them in the cloud. – A Twitter Stream Of Consciousness

San Francisco, California-based InboxQ ( is a web browser extension that sends a real-time stream of Twitter questions related to specific subject - a business, brand, product or point of interest - directly to your browser.

PandaForm, A Better Online Form Than Google Docs

PandaForm is something like Google Docs, only better.

Profitero, A Pricing Intelligence Service For Retailers

Dublin, Ireland-based Profitero is a real-time, online competitor monitoring service that allows both online and offline retailers to track product prices, stock availability, new and delisted products, and other critical information that can give you an edge against the competition.

Nightspade Creates Gorgeous And Interactive Games

Founded in mid-2010, Nightspade is a creative interactive application studio located in Bandung, Indonesia. Nightspade focuses on building game apps which have snazzy graphics, cool transitions, enganging gameplay, and the ‘WOW’ effects., The First Indonesian Crowdfunding Site was founded from real problems that happened in Pesantren Wirausaha Daarul Muttaqin, an Islamic boarding school for entrepreneurship.

Leisure Attraction Sentosa Introduces MySentosa Mobile App

You don't usually think of leisure attractions as being on the bleeding edge of technology, but Singapore’s premier island resort getaway Sentosa recently introduced an iPhone application.