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Honey, It’s SugarSugar.com


Looking for a sugar daddy? “Sugar” dating website SugarSugar.com will be launching on 1 June this year a location-based mobile dating application for sugar daddies and sugar babies an effective and discreet way of connecting with one other. If you’re into this kind of thing, of course.

Compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, the app uses GPS technology to identify those seeking “mutually beneficial” arrangements within the user’s vicinity.  After “checking in”, the application maps out the profiles of nearby members (aka targets). Users will be able to trade stats, show photos or send messages to arrange a rendezvous.

“While SugarSugar.com can be accessed through mobile phones, the SugarSugar Dating App adds the convenience that our users have requested, and allows singles to find love just a few steps away,” said Paul Madison, founder and CEO of SugarSugar.com. “Whether looking for a Sugar Daddy in a bar, or searching for a Sugar Baby in a coffee shop, this application brings a convenient, straightforward approach to dating, allowing singles to connect quickly from a text to an in-person meeting.  Just think, the love (or lust) of your life may be right around the corner!”

Not that we condone the lifestyle, but we reckon this application would really fly in China amongst their nouveau riche, no?




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