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Planfix: The Best Option For Considerate Task Management


The main idea of task management is always keeping it organized the process of work on the projects. It requires considering many aspects, among which are resources (including time, people, money, etc.), conditions, correlations with the parallel or previous tasks, and so on. Providing all this information to the people that need it for task accomplishment and to the customer is tricky if you don’t use a special platform that helps you summarize and organize all the information as an integrated task management system.

What features allow for the Planfix use with the best output? Let’s see!

Challenges of task management

Task management as a process requires performing the following steps:

  1. Planning the task or project by stages, deadlines, approaches, resources involved, etc.
  2. Testing the first steps with the approaches and resources that were affirmed.
  3. Tracking the process of a task or project is completed.
  4. Reporting the results of the work by the resources that were actually used.

Today, instead of using primitive tools for each purpose, we benefit from the particular solutions created as an integrated system for all the above-mentioned. 

The baseline features of Planfix

The main peculiarities that distinguish Planfix from other similar platforms are:

  • Universality – the platform applies to any sphere you may need it for, whether it is a help desk system or a project management internal platform;
  • Freedom – the system is not imposing any direction that you should use to organize your work it only follows and supports you;
  • Ease-of-use – the tool is simple for any company to implement and for any employee to handle operating the necessary functions fast.

These points define the main reason for Planfix being one of the best options in task management. 

Functionality that facilitates task management in any sphere

The following functions help deal with most possible needs that arise in the process of work on any project:

  • Providing a space for communicating and managing the project specifics;
  • Client accounting designed in the form of a convenient record card that allows for sharing, monitoring, and cooperating;
  • Real-time Gantt charts allowing to watch the project developing on the go;
  • Managing separate tasks related to a single project or referred to different ones;
  • Integrating communication through e-mails smoothly;
  • Allowing to place the tasks and related points into a planner that provides more visibility;
  • Real-time changing chronicles according to the modifications and updates the tasks and projects have;
  • Reporting related to the resource management questions that you can deal with simultaneously with the tasks;
  • Keeping in touch with clients;
  • Linking accounts for shared access and cooperation.

Using the Planfix tool, you can feel the freedom and comfort of task management.

Management is usually more tricky than most people think. It’s always complicated to consider so many points to assign, delegate and monitor, but automated systems help facilitate the process a lot. Planfix is a perfect solution from this point of view because you can always be confident about how smooth the management is. Try all the features now and see yourself!