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Privacy-Oriented Video Sharing With Castr

We all love YouTube, but let’s admit it: YouTube can be a cesspit when it comes to content and the comments most videos attract. Cue in Castr (, a video-sharing platform that is oriented towards protecting your privacy. Brooklyn, New York-based Castr is an upcoming free, open yet anonymous platform for sharing video content, and allows you a space to curate content from all over the web. The site actually doesn’t track your activity nor keep a record of your IP address, so you can be sure your private information is safe. And unlike other video-sharing sites, Castr doesn’t try to be a social network either.

“Watching video shouldn’t be about browser settings, spam comments or distraction,” says the Castr founders. “It should be simple, easy, and make you want to keep watching. Castr is a platform for video sharing that takes the distraction out of the web. It gives you a simple place to share on everything you see that is cool and let’s you do so without tracking you. We support web privacy.”

The founders of Castr – Andrew Personette, Marc Schwartz and Raymond Harmon – founded the company on two principles: that sharing content should be easy and distraction free, and that user privacy should be inherent in everything we do. “We believe that sharing is an essential part of being. But doing so shouldn’t put you at risk of advertisers and others who want to target you.”

Castr is the ‘Show and Tell’ of our generation.”


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