1. Daniel, I have been following MyStream for quite some time and I am an experienced technologist who test many apps.  I wanted to add some insight to your description and insight to the apps ability to play songs.

    The first basic function,  when adding songs to the MyStream playlist a user can listen to full songs.

    The second, when a user is active in the network and their profile is visible and selected by another user, that user can access their playlist and sample a 90 second sound clip of a song and opt to purchase it.  There are some cases where the song in the library is less than 90 seconds therefore the sound clip will play only a portion of that song. This is considered a promotional sample of one user playlist.

    The Third and final comment I would like to share is the apps ability to stream full live songs.  If I am playing a full song another user can sync up with me and listen the the very same song.
    If I continue to listen to the next song in my playlist that user will be able to listen to the same full song hence the concept of sharing music with others.

    The user who is listening to the full live stream can see the song title, album information and artist and has the buy button to opt for a purchase.

    These are the the core functions for which I tested with up to 8 users all sharing this experience.

    I hope this clarifies a few things for all readers.



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