Home Ideaspotting Page 10, Indonesia’s First Print-On-Demand Service is an Indonesia-based startup that was launched back in October 2010 to help you publish and sell your book quickly.

All Ado About Stupidity With

If you've ever come across something so incredibly stupid that you just wanted to let everyone know about it, well, now you can. SoStupid gives everyone an online place to point out whatever they think is “stupid”., Indonesia’s First Online Financial Management Service

Launched early last year, Indonesia-based is an online service for users to plan and track their budget and expenses.

Look Out For Interesting Ideas On

If you want to be an entrepreneur but are lacking in ideas, check out IdeasWatch (, which allows people to share ideas for new products and services they wished were available in the market.

A SimpleAnswer Can Lead To Great Truths

Have you always wanted to know the truth on something about yourself, but you're never sure how you can get a sincere, honest answer. SimpleAnswer may be able to help.

Artist Become (More Accessible Online)

Artist Become is a new online arts community that provides various tools and resources to help both emerging and established artists to showcase and sell original work.

Startups Japan, A Database Of Japanese Start-ups In English

Want to learn more about Japanese start-ups? Now you can. Project Ocean Inc., a Japan-based financial consultant company, has recently revamped its database of Japanese technology start-ups.

Taiwan’s EZTable Eyes Expansion in Singapore and Hong Kong

Taiwan-based start-up EZTable is an easy-to-use online restaurant reservation site.

Marketgeek Is A Japan-Based Financial Data Visualization Site

Marketgeek is a Japan-based financial data visualization website focusing on technology companies listed in the stock exchange market. Lets You Check In On Other Singles

SingleSquare ( is an application that is designed to help those who are single - or pretending to be single - to find, meet and communicate with one another.

Positively glo-ing with deals

glo ( is a mobile application that helps consumers find discounts and promotions throughout Singapore. Users can locate the best deals from retailers, lifestyle destinations and other service providers according to their preferences, or based on location.

AdaDiskon Is A Media Start-up On Deals And Promotions

Whether it’s bazaars or crazy midnight sales, AdaDiskon provides all sorts of deals in Indonesia for Indonesians. That’s how AdaDiskon’s co-founder Aswin Utomo describes his start-up. – Buy Office Supplies, Help Charities

If you're looking to purchase office supplies, check out GoodShop, an online marketplace for office supplies that donates a percentage of each purchase to your chosen non-profit organization. Shows Couples The Sign is a relationship compatibility and daily horoscope site that sends regular alerts to subscribers to update lovers on their relationships based on planetary movements. For Legal Advice Via Videos is the first website in the U.S. that is dedicated exclusively to providing legal information to consumers through videos at US$1.99 each.

Gamin’ Ride Brings Gaming To Your Doorstep

A huge trailer rolls up to a suburban neighbourhood, the peace and quiet suddenly and inexplicably shattered by its blaring sirens and loud music. Enter Gamin' Ride.

Giving Gets A Jolt From Cloud Jolt

Innovative entrepreneurs can make a social enterprise out of many types of businesses, but how about one as mundane as web hosting? That's what the founders of socially responsible web hosting company Cloud Jolt are hoping to achieve - running a business while helping those in need.

Simple PR With

Small and mid-sized companies who are unsure about spending money on public relations for their businesses - especially those who may baulk at the usual prices charged by large PR firms - can try the recently launched

The Business Poster

The Business Poster is one young college freshman's idea of how to make money off the Internet - by selling his piece o the virtual Web to advertisers through rotating ads.

Manage Student Group Projects With

Launched in October this year, Winnipeg, Canada-based EntertheGroup ( is a freeonline educational project management tool that aims to help students work on collaborative group projects, manage their work and interact with their teachers.

View Personal Finances In A New Light With PNC Bank’s Virtual Wallet

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based PNC Bank's Virtual Wallet® is a highly-interactive and visual online banking platform that helps young consumers manage their finances with more control and transparency.

SeatQuest Helps You Find The Best Seats At Events

Chicago-based SeatQuest ( is a new, low-to-no fees visual search engine for purchasing and comparing ticket prices for concerts, sports events or theatre performances across different online ticket marketplaces.

Goodzer Shows You The Goodz

Real-time shopping search engine Goodzer ( lets shoppers find any product in 15,000 brick-and-mortar stores throughout New York, and has plans to expand to other markets soon.

VisitorsCafe – Video Chat On Any Site

Boston-based VisitorsCafe ( is a web feature that enables visitors coming on a given website to talk to each other via video chat, which lets site owners to "socialize" their community. Combines Daily Deals With Good Deeds

Washington, DC-based Deal For Deeds ( differentiates itself from other daily deal sites by combining social group buying with a social mission.’s The Business Card Project Redesigns Your Ugly Cards

UK-based online stationer has announced The Business Card Project to give 500 small businesses a makeover for their business cards.

Viral World Cup Fever

Companies big and small are banking on the World Cup to boost their brands.

PlacePop – Another Location-Based Service Pops Out

What happens when you combine a location-based service like Foursquare or Gowalla with a mobile photo-sharing service Mobipicture? You get PlacePop.

Crowd Controls Maps Out Your Fan Base

Filmmaker and software developer Brian Chirls has developed an interesting web tool called Crowd Controls to help filmmakers, musicians and other artists find where their audiences are located around the world.

Cups Media – Advertising On A Paper Cup

As if advertising is not pervasive enough, here comes yet another platform for brand owners in Singapore to regale us with the wonders of their products and services.