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FeeFighters Helps Small Businesses Save On Credit Card Processing Fees


If you’re a small business owner who accepts payment through credit cards, you may want to check FeeFighters out.

Chicago, Illinois-based FeeFighters is a free-to-use online comparison engine that lets you find the best rates for credit card processing services. Credit card merchants bid on the site for your business, and those bids are vetted for transparency so that you won’t be hit by hidden costs or other frustrations normally encountered with credit card processing facilities.

“The credit card processing industry isn’t regulated,” says FeeFighters CEO and co-founder Sean Harper. “All too often, a processor promises one rate, when in reality, the fees end up being much higher, and the small business owner who thought he was getting a good deal is stuck paying a lot more than he bargained for.”

Harper was himself a small business owner, and FeeFighters was born out of his own frustration when shopping for credit card services for his e-commerce website, TSS-Radio. “As the owner of a small start-up, choosing a credit card processor was painful. It took me weeks of research, gathering and comparing bids, then negotiating the terms. I finally thought I secured a good deal, only to learn, months later, that I was being charged almost twice the rate they had quoted me! No business owner should have to go through that hassle,” insists Harper.

Harper says that the company plans to extend its comparison shopping service to eventually include payroll processing, employee health insurance and other financial expenses, to further help small business owners hold on to more of their money.