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50 Great Ways To Use QR Codes In The College Classroom

QR codes were first created by Toyota to track vehicles in manufacturing in 1994. Almost 20 years later, QR code technology is experiencing a revival. The possibilities for their use are endless, and many translate into the college classroom.

GetCardbox: The Fastest Growing Trello Power-Up For Streamlining Your Workflow with Gmail Integration

Cardbox has become a go-to solution for those who want to streamline their project management process and integrate Trello and Gmail.

Why Yanni Hufnagel, Lemon Perfect’s Founder And CEO, Calls His Fruit-Infused 5-Calorie Water, “Magic...

Yanni Hufnagel has built a juggernaut in the beverage industry by focusing on attributes that would make Lemon Perfect stand apart from its competitors.

Taiwan’s EZTable Eyes Expansion in Singapore and Hong Kong

Taiwan-based start-up EZTable is an easy-to-use online restaurant reservation site.

Flexible Electronic Devices Are The Future — Here’s Why

Despite certain obstacles, we can expect flexible electronics to gradually improve over the coming years. Components will become more flexible, circuits will demand less power, and materials will make flexible devices more pleasant to interact with., Indonesia’s First Print-On-Demand Service is an Indonesia-based startup that was launched back in October 2010 to help you publish and sell your book quickly., Indonesia’s First Online Financial Management Service

Launched early last year, Indonesia-based is an online service for users to plan and track their budget and expenses.

The Unique Self Storage Facilities Of Livelyt

Livelyt has come up with the unique and useful self storage in LA. One can now freely roam around or start any new venture without worrying about storing their belongings or hiring any expensive place to store the luggage for some time,

New Silicon Valley Tech Company Tekion Brings Connected Digital Experience To Automotive Retail

As a first and fastest Cloud-native Dealer Management Platform Tekion brings digital experience to automotive retail. Read on to know more about the company.

Supply@ME Capital: Blockchain, But Not As You Know It

The Supply@ME Capital PLC platform matches companies in need of cash with investors looking for solid returns, and in the middle is a securitization scheme with distributed ledger technology at its core.
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Can Building Automation Systems (BAS) Help Companies Become More Sustainable?

Widespread adoption of BAS systems for buildings have been relatively limited. But developers are working toward universal adoption.

Stockn’Go – How Low Can Prices Go?

Stockn'Go ( is a one-stop, e-commerce site that offers popular branded beauty, health and household products at the "lowest possible price available".

Planfix: The Best Option For Considerate Task Management

The main idea of task management is always keeping it organized the process of work on the projects. So how can Planfix help?

6 Emerging Trends In Education Technology

The pace of technological advancement in education is accelerating rapidly. This is changing the way students learn, replacing traditional teaching methods and resources with digital course materials and virtual gaming, and giving access to these via mobile devices
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Running Your Own Art Gallery Business Online

An artist who creates an online gallery does not have to rely on others' support, as he takes full responsibility for the promotion of his works.

Look Out For Interesting Ideas On

If you want to be an entrepreneur but are lacking in ideas, check out IdeasWatch (, which allows people to share ideas for new products and services they wished were available in the market. – Making Private Equity A Big Deal

DealMarket ( is a new online one-stop shop that brings together private equity investors, deal providers and advisors where they can get an unfiltered view of the global private equity deal market.
Andrey Khovratov

Andrey Khovratov Unveils NEEW – The New Economic Evolution Of The World

Andrey Khovratov, professional business and personal coach with over 20 years of experience in investments and business training, has announced the launch of the NEEW program – The New Economic Evolution of the World.

True People Search: How To Find Someone’s Contact Information

The Internet has made it easier than ever for people to find contact information for others. One way to find someone's contact information is to use a people search engine like the True People Search app.

MyHero Kicks Off Social Soccer Prediction App FootballHero

FootballHero is a free social football prediction game that allows users to predict football scores from leagues around the world, but

IBANBit Making It Work With Every (Crypto) Currency

IBANBit is an online bank that combines every currency and makes it easier for every broker to have everything in one place.

How One Digital Marketplace Disrupted The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has been upended by Nobul, a digital marketplace created by Regan McGee to give North American home buyers a major leg up.

Convert Documents With Docs.Zone

Docs.Zone is a website that has been created with the sole purpose of converting files from one format to another without any restrictions.

6 Medical Professionals Who Are Killing It On Social Media

Enter the new breed, the doctor blogs, the general medical academic blogs, and the nursing blogs taking social media by the horns and making waves.

Eight Startups To Follow In 2020

By using the Internet and a few resources borrowed from different sources, people can make their ideas a reality. Here are some startups you can draw inspiration from.

Revolutionize Debt Management With Payitoff

Debt management software Payitoff offers can help your company increase profits, wallet share, and customer loyalty.

[Infographic] How Are Robots Improving Business?

In this article, we'll explore the subject in greater detail, examining the influence of robotics on commerce and the implications of automation for the future of the country.
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Video Conferencing With iMind Offers Convenient Remote Communication

The iMind video conferencing platform distinguishes by its ease of use and multifunctional nature and provides ample room for comfortable work conditions and saves time on many setting issues.

5 Tips For Running A Successful Paid Parking Business

Parking businesses can be profitable ventures for entrepreneurs. Guarantee your paid parking business succeeds by following these tips.

Cups Media – Advertising On A Paper Cup

As if advertising is not pervasive enough, here comes yet another platform for brand owners in Singapore to regale us with the wonders of their products and services.