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[Video] The Paradigm Project’s Stove Man


Last month we highlighted The Paradigm Project‘s “Profit for the Poor” program – a project that aims to reduce poverty, preserve the environment and save lives through profit partnerships built around efficient cook stove programs.

It has just launched a web series called Stove Man, a four-week series that follow two young men, Greg and Austin, on a mission to distribute 5 million fuel-efficient cook stoves to people in need. They’ll show us what it’s like to cook over an open fire, to walk miles to find wood and live on less than US$2 per day.

Just some statistics to give you an idea of what kind of impact this project is hoping to achieve. On average, a US$30 efficient stove can create:

  • US$280 in income saved; or
  • 1,300 fewer hours spent collecting fuel wood which can be used in more productive activities;
  • 64 trees saved from destruction for use as fuel wood or charcoal;
  • Possibly the life of a mother or child saved from smoke inhalation or severe burns from open fires; and
  • 40- to 60-percent reduction in toxic emissions resulting in 7.5 metric tons of carbon offsets valued at US$95 — a 3x return on investment.

In other words, it’s a world of social good.

You can view the trailer here. Episode 1 is also out.