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eChook’s Short Stories On Your Mobile Device


It’s no silly dance featuring flapping of arms or a robot chickeneChook (www.echook.com) is a content publishing firm started by award-winning short story writer Tessa Smith McGovern that focuses on creating digital chapbooks for reading on-the-go.

If you have no idea what chapbooks are – I certainly didn’t, until now – they are small, pocket-sized single chapter books that were popularized in England in the 16th century. eChook essentially developed a mobile application that basically turned McGovern’s short stories into digital chapbooks. She wanted to reimagine the short story genre for a generation that does too much and rests too little. “Life-affirming, thoughtful stories can help us relax so we can attend that next meeting, collect the kids or greet our families with more energy and joy,” says McGovern, who published her first ever short story in 1996. eChook offers collections of short stories linked by a single theme, or collections of linked short stories that follow engaging characters through different adventures.

Readers can buy full-color chapbooks for iOS and Android devices through www.echook.com or iTunes. They will also be available soon on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

How’s this for bite-sized entertainment?