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Nightspade Creates Gorgeous And Interactive Games


Founded in mid-2010, Nightspade is a creative interactive application studio located in Bandung, Indonesia. Nightspade focuses on building game apps which have snazzy graphics, cool transitions, enganging gameplay, and the ‘WOW’ effects. Many app studio said the same things but Nightspade uses its products to show the world what it meant. “…just take a look at our amazing portofolio,” the team communicated through its website.

Indeed and the numbers don’t lie. Nightspade’s first iPad game, Don Gravity was downloaded over 50,000 times within three weeks. About 4 weeks ago, Don Gravity was one of the top 10 free iPad game apps in multiple countries including Indonesia, UAE, Colombia, Thailand and Slovakia. You can get your free Don Gravity here [iTunes link]

“Our team has been together since college, and we decided to create something together after we graduate. So, if you asked what inspired us, it’s simply because we want to build something together. As long as we think the game will be fun, we will make it,” said Garibaldy Wibowo Mukti, co-founder of Nightspade.

At last month Jakarta Ventures Night, Nightspade announced that it got funded by East Ventures, a venture capital group with investments primarily in Indonesia and Singapore.

“We will use it [the investment] to expand our team and weaponry (development hardware and software) and… create more games that will entertain a lot of people so players won’t get bored,” Garibaldy explained when asked about his future plans.

Garibaldy also briefly shared with us some ways to monetize the apps, “We try many strategies to monetize our games, some of them use paid app system (where users need to buy the game first) and the other use freemium app system (where users can get the game for free, but there will be some items inside the game that can be bought, in other words, in-app-purchase).”

Nightspade’s initial success with Don Gravity will not be its last. More gorgeous and interactive games will be coming your way. Stay tuned to Nightspade.

This article was first published on Penn-Olson, a tech, business and marketing blog focusing on US and Asia. Penn-Olson is a Young Upstarts content partner.


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