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Manage And Schedule Appointments With TimeCenter


We previously looked at YourAM, a web-based application that automatically organize and manage business appointments in real time via the web and SMS, designed specially for small service-focused businesses that need to handle appointments for groups of people. Here’s a similar service – TimeCenter (www.TimeCenter.com). Like YourAM, TimeCenter is well suited to businesses that need to manage an appointment calendar, such as massage therapists, dental clinics, sports coaches etc.

Through the application, you can easily schedule appointments with even SMS text messages for notifications, customer reminders and promotional messages, and receive notifications by SMS or email when customers book an appointment.

TimeCenter is developed by Sweden-based Niclas Marie and Daniel Ellenson. Marie had been running a web development shop nicmar media since 2002, and had developed an online appointment scheduler for two of Sweden’s biggest companies in 2005. While the applications were very successful, it was never suited for small businesses. In 2007, Marie joined forces with marketer and user interface expert Ellenson and started to develop TimeCenter.

“This was made from scratch with the experience and knowledge of what worked in the bigger corporate environment,” says Marie. TimeCenter was launched in beta during 2007-2008 in Sweden. TimeCenter was finally released in the US in January 2009, and is now available in English, French, Swedish and Danish.

The company still consists of the founders Marie and Ellenson, and “is growing at a steady rate”.


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