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CitiKitty For Toilet-Trained Feline Friends


If you own a cat and live in a small, tight shoebox apartment, you’d likely know how traumatizing it can be if your cat isn’t toilet-trained. That’s the situation 26-year old Philadelphia resident Rebecca Rescate found herself in when she and her husband moved into a small Manhattan apartment which didn’t have enough space for even a litter box. And since you can’t exactly walk a cat in the nearest park to let them do their business, she looked to toilet train her cat but could not find an easy-to-use cost-effective toilet training kit. So Rescate did the next best thing – she invented her own CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit.

The kit supposedly can teach cats to use the toilet bowl in as little as five weeks, and so simple to use it’s a wonder someone didn’t come up with this idea before. There are five progressive stages: there’s a ring filled with litter – and organic catnip to attract kitty – that fits right under the lid of the toilet. The next ring has a small opening which gradually gets larger with each step until you end with no ring and kitty using the toilet all by itself. Tada – a toilet-trained cat. And no more cat litter or cleaning out the stinky litter box.

Fast forward 6 years, CitiKitty Inc. has grown and its kit is now available at CitiKitty.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com and independent retailers and pet retailers nationwide. The company has even expanded its product offerings to include hand-packaged cat treats, TunaTreats.

Not bad for a young entrepreneur with a cat litter problem, don’t you say?


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