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The Wokamon, A Tamagotchi And Fitness App Mashup

The Wokamon is a motion-powered virtual pet iPhone app that combines the function of a GPS pedometer with the engagement of a virtual pet, with the goal of making walking a lot more fun.

Girlfluence To Harness Women Power Online Using Video

Founded within Manhattan's Silicon Alley - which is seeing an explosion of entrepreneurship in the digital space - New York City-based Girlfluence aims to gather the support of and speak to the new generation of female entrepreneurs, influencers and consumers and thereby harnessing and nurturing female empowerment.

Admill: The Place That Gives You The Online Overview You Need 

Admill helps users to make the right decision by providing multiple websites focusing on giving Danish consumers the overview on products and services they might need.

Artist Become (More Accessible Online)

Artist Become is a new online arts community that provides various tools and resources to help both emerging and established artists to showcase and sell original work.

Spuul – Bollywood On Your Mobile

Spuul ( is a movie-streaming entertainment app for iOS devices that streams Bollywood movies and TV shows on-the-go.

Wrike: The All-In-One Project Management Solution

Wrike is a versatile project management software that enables multifunctional teams to collaborate and effectively achieve their aims from a single location.

How A New Software Could Change The Travel Industry Forever 

One of the major issues that small travel operators face is the payment process. But a payment software based specifically on the needs of small travel companies may just give them a fair chance to compete with the travel giants.

Gamin’ Ride Brings Gaming To Your Doorstep

A huge trailer rolls up to a suburban neighbourhood, the peace and quiet suddenly and inexplicably shattered by its blaring sirens and loud music. Enter Gamin' Ride.

SeatSwoop – Swop Your Seats During An Event

SeatSwoop is an in-game seat swapping marketplace targeted at event goers that allows users to find another seat at the event venue when they're already there.

PetziConnect Lets You Interact With Your Dog From Afar

PetziConnect is a webcam-type device that lets you check in on and even interact with your dog at all times.

Startup Success Spotlight:

Founded by Brad Hargreaves in 2015, Common specializes in coliving space, a concept which fits perfectly into the landscape of skyrocketing property values in major cities.

Shop For Fashion Via Short Films With NMRKT

NMRKT is a fully interactive e-magazine featuring the latest emerging, up-and-coming fashion designers in New York City.

StartupVitamins – The Poster Boy In Startup Motivation

StartupVitamins provides a series of motivational posters with quotes from serial entrepreneurs and recognized leaders in technology who went through their own trials and tribulations.

[Malaysia] Chalkboard Launches Location-Based Widget For HTC Devices

HTC and Chalkboard launches a free, easy-to-use widget that provides real-time updates and promotions from Chalkboard’s over 4,000 business customers to users of HTC's Android devices in Malaysia.

Gifting Goes Mobile With Yiftee

Menlo Park, California-based Yiftee an iPhone application launched in December last year that allows users to buy another person a gift from over two million shops and restaurants throughout the United States.

PowerInbox Aims To Transform Boring Static Email

Founded in 2010, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based PowerInbox is an email technology company that enables live, interactive email inside of most popular email services, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook. – Flying On Better Prices allows travelers to not only source the lowest prices for flights to a certain destination, they can also find out what amenities - WiFi - live TV, personal video monitors, for example - are available on board.

Singapore Startup Picky Launches Famous Eats, A Hawker Food Guide

Singapore startup Picky has launched Famous Eats, an interactive food guide that maps out the best hawker food in Singapore.

3 Startups To Watch Out For In 2018

If you are interested in startups to watch out for in 2018, here are three that may interest you.

3 British Businesses That Dazzle And Inspire

To help you and your profit margins, we've looked a few British businesses that have hit the big time and haven’t burned out.

Rock Stars — 3 Cool Companies Making Money From Stone

Follow these rock stars to gain a foothold in the stone industry and you could have a smash hit business on your hands.

Weebly’s iPhone App Lets You Create And Manage Websites Or Blogs

Weebly ( announces iPhone app that lets you create and manage a new blog or website direct from their iPhone, with simple drag and drop features making the process a breeze.

Profitero, A Pricing Intelligence Service For Retailers

Dublin, Ireland-based Profitero is a real-time, online competitor monitoring service that allows both online and offline retailers to track product prices, stock availability, new and delisted products, and other critical information that can give you an edge against the competition. Community Offers Help For The Fashion Clueless

Oh That’s You! ( is a new online platform that allows users to interact with their trusted circle of friends to make style and purchasing decisions, as well as receive personal fashion and beauty recommendations on items that suit our face or body types.

CitiKitty For Toilet-Trained Feline Friends

CitiKitty's Rebecca Rescate couldn't find an off-the-shelf cat toilet training kit so did the next best thing - she invented her own. Helps Separate Subscribed Commercial Spam From Unwanted Ones is a free email organizer that helps you unsubscribe from unwanted emails and better manage the ones you do actually want.

America’s Farmstand, The Online Farmer’s Market

America's Farmstand is an online grocery retailer that connects consumers to a network of independently-run family farms from which organic, natural, artisanal fresh produce can be bought directly from.

FitBark, A Fitness Tracker For Dogs

FitBark is an activity tracking system and mobile app (for iOS and Android) for dogs, similar to fitness trackers for humans., Indonesia’s First Print-On-Demand Service is an Indonesia-based startup that was launched back in October 2010 to help you publish and sell your book quickly.

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