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FindersCodes – Recover Lost Items Through QR Codes

FinderCodes LLC ( has created a patent-pending, electronic lost and found system for consumers that combines the use of mobile phones, QR codes and apps to help recover lost items. – Daily Deals For US SMBs

RapidBuyr ( today launched a daily deal site that caters exclusively to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), offering deep discounts of around 30 to 70-percent on products and services they need.

Running Free With Invisible Shoes

There are running shoes, and then there are running shoes that makes you think you're not wearing any. Just look at Invisible Shoes, based on...

Startup Success Spotlight:

Founded by Brad Hargreaves in 2015, Common specializes in coliving space, a concept which fits perfectly into the landscape of skyrocketing property values in major cities.

Divalicious Puts A Shopping Mall In Your Hand

Mobile application Divalicious aims to put a full shopping mall experience in your hand for shopping on-the-go.

Planfix: The Best Option For Considerate Task Management

The main idea of task management is always keeping it organized the process of work on the projects. So how can Planfix help?

Calculating Carbon And Energy On Your Website For A Brighter Planet

Prospect, by sustainability technology company Brighter Planet, is a web-based tool that allows web developers adds carbon and energy footprint calculations to products and services on any existing website without modifying the site - or the need for a hefty web development budget.

SeatSwoop – Swop Your Seats During An Event

SeatSwoop is an in-game seat swapping marketplace targeted at event goers that allows users to find another seat at the event venue when they're already there.

ONErpm’s App Helps Musicians Sell Music On Facebook

Digital music distribution platform ONErpm ('s social commerce Facebook application lets musicians and labels market and sell their music direct from their Facebook page.

The Wokamon, A Tamagotchi And Fitness App Mashup

The Wokamon is a motion-powered virtual pet iPhone app that combines the function of a GPS pedometer with the engagement of a virtual pet, with the goal of making walking a lot more fun. Shows You Where Movie Scenes Are Shot

Movieloci ( is an online community site where you can upload images of a scene in a movie and crowdsource an answer of where the scene was shot.

Mobile Spinach – Mobile Commerce And Group-Buying Platform

Mobile Spinach ( is an integrated mobile commerce and group-buying platform that provides users with virtual discount coupons that can be redeemed at participating local merchants. The service takes the form of a mobile website that features the look and feel of a native app, and so works on all available smartphone platforms.

2 New Cloud Suites Launched By Infor For Fashion & Food And Beverage

Cloud applications launched by Infor are making the news - CloudSuite Food And Beverage, and CloudSuite Fashion.

Girlfluence To Harness Women Power Online Using Video

Founded within Manhattan's Silicon Alley - which is seeing an explosion of entrepreneurship in the digital space - New York City-based Girlfluence aims to gather the support of and speak to the new generation of female entrepreneurs, influencers and consumers and thereby harnessing and nurturing female empowerment.

Generate Bank-Ready Business Plans With

Enloop ( is a free software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that helps entrepreneurs and startups generate customized business plans complete with financial forecasts and ratio analyses and ready to present to financial institutions and investors.

What Every Co-Working Space Needs And Most Lack

Office phone booths like a soundproof booth for open-plan offices can help provide privacy and space for important phone calls.

CallingCube – A Business Card In A New Dimension

The CallingCube is a business card in the shape of a cube, the brainchild of three friends whose idea was to reinvent the traditional business card.

Bloapp Converts Your Blog Into An iPhone App

Bloapp ( is a free web tool that helps converts blogs into a native iPhone app in less than five minutes that is free to use.

20 Coolest iPad Ideas For Your Library

Once mocked by techies for being both frivolous and having a silly name, the iPad has since become nearly ubiquitous in coffee shops, schools, airports and businesses across the nation. Here are some ideas how libraries can use them.

How EasyKnock Is Making Homeownership More Accessible

Looking to own a home? We look at the various way EasyKnock is making homeownership a bit more accessible.

Indonesian Start-up Takes Karaoke Online

Want to sing karaoke in the comfort of home and show the world how good you are? You can just do that on

How Startup Company Inflatable Anything Is Changing The Custom Inflatable Industry

The custom inflatable industry has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years. We look at one of them, Victoria, Australia-based Inflatable Anything.

Pressing the Right Buttonz?

eNets and ChainFusion has just launched BuyButtonz, a new online business payment platform that caters specially for online businesses.  Buybuttonz allows customers to make direct credit... – Flying On Better Prices allows travelers to not only source the lowest prices for flights to a certain destination, they can also find out what amenities - WiFi - live TV, personal video monitors, for example - are available on board. – A Twitter Stream Of Consciousness

San Francisco, California-based InboxQ ( is a web browser extension that sends a real-time stream of Twitter questions related to specific subject - a business, brand, product or point of interest - directly to your browser. – Streaming Site And App For Indian Music is an on-demand, in-streaming music site and application which carries more than 350,000 free songs in over 35 Indian languages and across a variety of musical genres.

Find Great Coffee Places With Coffeetopia

Coffeetopia is a mobile app for iOS that lets users rate the quality of coffee in cafes and coffee houses, creating a niche social network for coffee lovers and enthusiasts.

AdaDiskon Is A Media Start-up On Deals And Promotions

Whether it’s bazaars or crazy midnight sales, AdaDiskon provides all sorts of deals in Indonesia for Indonesians. That’s how AdaDiskon’s co-founder Aswin Utomo describes his start-up.

5 Innovative Online Business Ideas That Really Paid Off

From freelance marketing, to online trading, to customized music, many online businesses have developed concepts that have turned into extremely lucrative pay-offs. Here are a few of them.

Boating Industry Innovation

Looking for new and innovative ideas will put your company ahead of your competitors who continue to do the same things year after year.