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The Paradigm Project’s Profit For The Poor

The Paradigm Project's “Profit for the Poor” program redefines the idea of philanthropy - instead of applying philanthropic dollars to the needs of the poor, their model invites and engages investors and donors in a collaborative effort to create social enterprises that result in positive effects on impoverished communities and a positive financial return on invested dollars over time.

Lensmob Organizes Group Photos Using Email

Lensmob ( is an online group photo management service that lets group members add and manage photos through email. – Matching Trade Exhibitors With Vendors

Las Vegas-based startup ExhibitMatch ( is a global online interactive bidding platform that matches trade show exhibitors with stand builders from around the world.

Cisco WebEx Launches New Small Business-Friendly Service For 8

If you've been using web-enabled video conferencing tools such as Skype but feel that your small business has outgrown it, consider the latest newly-introduced package from Cisco's WebEx. Shows Couples The Sign is a relationship compatibility and daily horoscope site that sends regular alerts to subscribers to update lovers on their relationships based on planetary movements.

Build Entrepreneurship Communities With Crowd Valley

Crowd Valley provide infrastructures to easily create a startup and investment community and running it effectively with powerful tools, with the possibility to connect and partner with other communities and build ecosystems locally and all over the world.

Stray Boots Launches Mobile Guided Urban Scavenger Game Around NYC

Stray Boots mobile application allows New Yorkers and visitors alike to discover the city through a fun, interactive scavenger-hunt-like game using their mobile phones.

Mobile Spinach – Mobile Commerce And Group-Buying Platform

Mobile Spinach ( is an integrated mobile commerce and group-buying platform that provides users with virtual discount coupons that can be redeemed at participating local merchants. The service takes the form of a mobile website that features the look and feel of a native app, and so works on all available smartphone platforms.

Can’t Find Your Car? There’s An App For That.

If you find yourself often forgetting where you last parked your car, especially in an area in which you're not too familiar with, the app "Dude, Where's My Car?" is for you.

SeatSwoop – Swop Your Seats During An Event

SeatSwoop is an in-game seat swapping marketplace targeted at event goers that allows users to find another seat at the event venue when they're already there.

What Every Co-Working Space Needs And Most Lack

Office phone booths like a soundproof booth for open-plan offices can help provide privacy and space for important phone calls.

Effective Ways To Come Up With New Ideas For Your Food Startup

If you have your sights set on launching a food company that’s known for offering the latest and greatest cuisines, the first step is narrowing down how you’ll go about it. – Flying On Better Prices allows travelers to not only source the lowest prices for flights to a certain destination, they can also find out what amenities - WiFi - live TV, personal video monitors, for example - are available on board.

Kinderfeets – Ergonomical Push Bikes For Kiddies

Kinderfeets is a small training bicycle for children that comes without pedals, designed by a Dutch father for his young son.

Mobile App Woofound Recommends Places Based On Your Personality

Social discovery mobile app Woofound ( matches a user's personality and recommends activities suited for them.

7 Fintech Start-up Companies Changing Our Relationship With Money

Money makes the world go round and humans love it, almost as much as they love innovation. Here are 7 fintech start-ups looking to change how we save, spend, invest and create money.

CallingCube – A Business Card In A New Dimension

The CallingCube is a business card in the shape of a cube, the brainchild of three friends whose idea was to reinvent the traditional business card.

PowerInbox Aims To Transform Boring Static Email

Founded in 2010, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based PowerInbox is an email technology company that enables live, interactive email inside of most popular email services, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook. Community Offers Help For The Fashion Clueless

Oh That’s You! ( is a new online platform that allows users to interact with their trusted circle of friends to make style and purchasing decisions, as well as receive personal fashion and beauty recommendations on items that suit our face or body types. – Moms Sharing Tips

Social commerce startup Hashtip ( uses a Pinterest pinboard-style format to help these moms make smart buying decisions by narrow down product choices, compare reviews and information, and find the best deals online.

Rock Stars — 3 Cool Companies Making Money From Stone

Follow these rock stars to gain a foothold in the stone industry and you could have a smash hit business on your hands.

7 Companies Making Sure Aging Parents Are Safe At Home

CEO of Caremerge Asif Khan identifies a list of 7 apps and gadgets from forward-thinking companies that have stepped up to help families, patients, and health care givers keep our seniors safe at home:

KidsPark – Childcare By The Hour

KidsPark is a U.S-based licensed hourly childcare company that was founded in Silicon Valley in 1988 and today has more than 11 centers around the country.

Positively glo-ing with deals

glo ( is a mobile application that helps consumers find discounts and promotions throughout Singapore. Users can locate the best deals from retailers, lifestyle destinations and other service providers according to their preferences, or based on location.

Collectrium – Technology For The Art World

New York-based Collectrium ( is a technology company that's focused on creating web and mobile tools for collectors, galleries and art fairs to manage their art.

WineFamily – Connecting Wine People In Asia

Newly-launched Singapore-based online wine marketplace WineFamily offers easy online access to a large portfolio of wines for Southeast Asia based customers.

Find Local Service Providers With is a French website that started by providing a babysitter matchmaking service and later morphed into a site that covered service providers in almost every imaginable category. It also launched in the U.S.

CitiKitty For Toilet-Trained Feline Friends

CitiKitty's Rebecca Rescate couldn't find an off-the-shelf cat toilet training kit so did the next best thing - she invented her own.

Boomerang Your Email

Startup email technology company Baydin intends to change the way you prioritize emails.

Resumonk – Create, Beautify And Share Your CV In Minutes

Resumonk ( is a simple and easy-to-use online resume builder that puts together a professional-looking resume in a matter of minutes.