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Ideaspotting Archives - Young Upstarts


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2014’s Top 6 Hot Tech Startups

Here we'll check out some of the top tech start-ups that might have a chance of really breaking through this year.

How To Enter The DasCoin Ecosystem

DasCoin is the brainchild of Michael Mathias, the company’s visionary CEO. What are some of the characteristics and features of this new cryptocurrency ecosystem?

CitiKitty For Toilet-Trained Feline Friends

CitiKitty's Rebecca Rescate couldn't find an off-the-shelf cat toilet training kit so did the next best thing - she invented her own.

Giving Gets A Jolt From Cloud Jolt

Innovative entrepreneurs can make a social enterprise out of many types of businesses, but how about one as mundane as web hosting? That's what the founders of socially responsible web hosting company Cloud Jolt are hoping to achieve - running a business while helping those in need.’s iPhone App Lets You Food Order From… Anywhere, Really.

Web and mobile food delivery and takeout platform has an iPhone app that lets you to search, find and order from over 20,000 interactive restaurant menus in more than 750 cities nationwide.

This Company Lets You Create Stunning Art With Your Own DNA

By using different developmental techniques to isolate DNA, DNA art produces various marvelous images by implementing your choice of color, canvas, and prints.

Full Time Side Gigs At Parttimerz

Freelance job matching platform Parttimerz has a gamification component that rewards top-performing freelancers while penalizing those who do not perform to expectations.

A SimpleAnswer Can Lead To Great Truths

Have you always wanted to know the truth on something about yourself, but you're never sure how you can get a sincere, honest answer. SimpleAnswer may be able to help.

Shop For Fashion Via Short Films With NMRKT

NMRKT is a fully interactive e-magazine featuring the latest emerging, up-and-coming fashion designers in New York City.

[Infographic] A Year In Online Coupon Usage

Online coupon site put together some interesting data from the industry on online coupon usage in one year that they've put into an infographic. – Making Private Equity A Big Deal

DealMarket ( is a new online one-stop shop that brings together private equity investors, deal providers and advisors where they can get an unfiltered view of the global private equity deal market.

Zalongo, The Private Family Unsocial Network

Zalongo is a private social network limited to your family network.

PetziConnect Lets You Interact With Your Dog From Afar

PetziConnect is a webcam-type device that lets you check in on and even interact with your dog at all times.

MediSafe Project – Mobile App For Medication Reminders

MediSafe Project is a free cloud-synced mobile application - in both iOS (beta) and Android versions - that not only reminds users when it’s time to take their medication, but also sends their family, friends and caretakers alerts if they miss a dose.

From Spotters Spring Forth Wise Ideas

If you're looking for cool ideas to start a small business, you can always check out Springwise. The site deploys more than 8,000 spotters around...

Mobile Spinach – Mobile Commerce And Group-Buying Platform

Mobile Spinach ( is an integrated mobile commerce and group-buying platform that provides users with virtual discount coupons that can be redeemed at participating local merchants. The service takes the form of a mobile website that features the look and feel of a native app, and so works on all available smartphone platforms. For Legal Advice Via Videos is the first website in the U.S. that is dedicated exclusively to providing legal information to consumers through videos at US$1.99 each. – Daily Deals For US SMBs

RapidBuyr ( today launched a daily deal site that caters exclusively to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), offering deep discounts of around 30 to 70-percent on products and services they need.

PandaForm, A Better Online Form Than Google Docs

PandaForm is something like Google Docs, only better.

2 New Cloud Suites Launched By Infor For Fashion & Food And Beverage

Cloud applications launched by Infor are making the news - CloudSuite Food And Beverage, and CloudSuite Fashion.

2013 Top 10 Storage Trends: Hitachi Data Systems

Hubert Yoshida, vice president and chief technology officer of Hitachi Data Systems, shares his top ten predictions on data storage trends for 2013.

Cisco WebEx Launches New Small Business-Friendly Service For 8

If you've been using web-enabled video conferencing tools such as Skype but feel that your small business has outgrown it, consider the latest newly-introduced package from Cisco's WebEx.

[Infographic] How Are Robots Improving Business?

In this article, we'll explore the subject in greater detail, examining the influence of robotics on commerce and the implications of automation for the future of the country.

Crowd Controls Maps Out Your Fan Base

Filmmaker and software developer Brian Chirls has developed an interesting web tool called Crowd Controls to help filmmakers, musicians and other artists find where their audiences are located around the world.’s The Business Card Project Redesigns Your Ugly Cards

UK-based online stationer has announced The Business Card Project to give 500 small businesses a makeover for their business cards.

The Success Story Of TEXTA And Its Humble Beginning

In the autumn of 2015, Tim Knorborg, Kim Søgaard Nielsen and Peter Kragh Lauritsen had a small, humble idea to offer texts and their writing services to companies and those around them. TEXTA was born.

Check In To Altruism With Truismo

Truismo ( is an app that allows users to discover socially responsible businesses around them, as well as the causes they support.

GramercyOne Offers Free Cloud-Based Appointment Management And Marketing Tool, GoSuite

GoSuite is a cloud-based business management and marketing software being offered for free by GramercyOne that helps you manage your business' appointments and marketing efforts.

3 Startups To Watch Out For In 2018

If you are interested in startups to watch out for in 2018, here are three that may interest you.

GoDaddy Brings Some Flare For Business Ideation

Flare - available on both Android and iOS - allows aspiring or existing entrepreneurs leverages on crowdsourcing to introduce ideas to fellow members of its online mobile community and get some feedback in return.