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[Malaysia] Startups Unite To Form Launchpad, An Intern Matching Platform

Launchpad, an online service that aggregates and provides information on startup internship positions in Asia to help graduates and students to decide which jobs are the best fit for them.

Startya Helps You Build Your Idea For A 30% Stake In Your Company

Rather than charging you a development fee, Startya helps you build your product in return for a 30% stake in the company that you're building.

Mums Mean Business, A Crowdfunding Platform For Mumpreneurs, Launches

Mums Mean Business is the world’s first ever crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping aspiring and existing mumpreneurs raise the required funds to kickstart or further their businesses.

7 Companies Making Sure Aging Parents Are Safe At Home

CEO of Caremerge Asif Khan identifies a list of 7 apps and gadgets from forward-thinking companies that have stepped up to help families, patients, and health care givers keep our seniors safe at home:

2014’s Top 6 Hot Tech Startups

Here we'll check out some of the top tech start-ups that might have a chance of really breaking through this year.

[Singapore] The French Cellar Brings Quality Vintages To Your Doorstep

The French Cellar is a subscription box service where they will deliver you a box of carefully-curated premium French wines right to your doorstep every month.

Mobile App Quit Pro Aims To Help You Quit Smoking

Quit Pro, developed by Singapore-based Bitsmedia, is a mobile-based application - on both iOS and Android - lets an individual track and manage their way towards quitting smoking.

Singapore Startup Picky Launches Famous Eats, A Hawker Food Guide

Singapore startup Picky has launched Famous Eats, an interactive food guide that maps out the best hawker food in Singapore.

Aligned Signs Mobile App Lets You Consult The Stars For Your Ideal Mate

Aligned Signs' mobile application employs its approach of combining the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool, Chinese Zodiac, and Western astrology to help users find their ideal partners.

Widbook Offers Access To Thousands Of e-Books

Widbook's reading app lets you access for free thousands of e-books written by its author community, even as they are being written.

SeatSwoop – Swop Your Seats During An Event

SeatSwoop is an in-game seat swapping marketplace targeted at event goers that allows users to find another seat at the event venue when they're already there.

Identity Verification Tool Usertify Aims To Promote An Online Environment Safe From Trolls

Usertify is an online identity verification tool that allows users to certify themselves online, but also to verify the identity of other users for the purpose of building a safe and trustworthy web environment.

Side Racket – A (Side) Project To Rule Them All

Side Racket is an online community where anyone can discover, create and join amazing projects.

Online Store SEA Citizen Reinterprets High Street Fashion For Southeast Asia

Online fashion store SEA Citizen look to outfit Singapore and Malaysia fashionistas with the latest fashion items just days after they are seen on the catwalks of Milan, London and New York.

Web-Based Worthworm Helps Determine PMV For Startup Investment Purposes

Worthworm is a web-based system designed to help develop a realistic process to determine pre-money valuation (PMV) for early-stage ventures seeking investment from angel investors and the like, facilitating negotiations between both parties as a reasonable starting point for investment negotiations.

WineFamily – Connecting Wine People In Asia

Newly-launched Singapore-based online wine marketplace WineFamily offers easy online access to a large portfolio of wines for Southeast Asia based customers.

Beanhunter 2.0 – Bean There, Done That

Beanhunter is a location-based coffee discovery app that allows coffee fanatics to search for the best coffee places around them.

Zalongo, The Private Family Unsocial Network

Zalongo is a private social network limited to your family network.

The Wokamon, A Tamagotchi And Fitness App Mashup

The Wokamon is a motion-powered virtual pet iPhone app that combines the function of a GPS pedometer with the engagement of a virtual pet, with the goal of making walking a lot more fun.

Find Great Coffee Places With Coffeetopia

Coffeetopia is a mobile app for iOS that lets users rate the quality of coffee in cafes and coffee houses, creating a niche social network for coffee lovers and enthusiasts.

Five College Startups That Help Others

Jessica Martinez looks at five companies started by college students with the goal of helping others.

PetziConnect Lets You Interact With Your Dog From Afar

PetziConnect is a webcam-type device that lets you check in on and even interact with your dog at all times.

Vibease Eases Into Crowdfunding Stage

When Singapore-based Vibease first burst into the startup scene, they unsurprisingly met with plenty of incredulity and shock (and quite a bit of mirth). Showcases Dutch Innovations Throughout History is a website developed by the Royal Netherlands Embassy wholly dedicated to celebrating Dutch startup and innovation culture.

Can’t Find Your Car? There’s An App For That.

If you find yourself often forgetting where you last parked your car, especially in an area in which you're not too familiar with, the app "Dude, Where's My Car?" is for you.

Boardifi – Getting Onboard With Being Energy Efficient

Boardifi is an upcoming mobile phone app - currently on iOS - that allows you to control your power points throughout your home, office or any other locations so you're able to switch off the points not in use.

FitBark, A Fitness Tracker For Dogs

FitBark is an activity tracking system and mobile app (for iOS and Android) for dogs, similar to fitness trackers for humans.

SpeedSpot Tests Speeds Of WiFi Networks Around You

SpeedSpot is a free mobile app that lets you test the internet speeds - ping, upload, and download - of WiFi networks around you, so you can make an informed decision on which ones to connect to.

Bookmarking Service Clipix Helps You Organize Online Content

Digital content organizer Clipix is a free online bookmarking service that combines the effectiveness of Evernote with the visual appeal of Pinterest.

New Crowdfunding Site CrowdIt To Incorporate Mentoring, Networking

CrowdIt ( aims to take a different approach to crowdfunding by also incorporating elements of building an online community, as well as adding peer review and business networking.