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[Singapore] The French Cellar Brings Quality Vintages To Your Doorstep


Subscription box services are all the rage in Singapore now, where people subscribe to receive each month a mystery box filled with either fashion accessories, personal care products or even food items. But how about wine? That’s what the folks behind The French Cellar is attempting – a subscription box service where they will deliver you a box of carefully-curated premium French wines right to your doorstep.

And lest you think you’re getting poor quality wines past their best being hived off on you, The French Cellar actually has sommelier Nicolas Rebut – who’ve previously worked in three Michelin-starred restaurants Alain Ducasse in Monaco and Le Meurice in Paris – personally selecting the appellations and vintages that go into your box. You’ll get access, for examples, to wines such as the 2010 Mas Des Agrunelles from Languedoc, with its surprising notes of intense dark cherry and black olive, as well as the deliciously luscious 2011 Cairanne from Domaine Marcel Richaud, big with its spicy peppery and dark fruit flavours. Each box also comes with a wine tasting guide that gives you context into the wines you’re partaking in, explaining the region it’s from, grape types, food pairing advice, and even a glimpse into the backgrounds of the winemaker. It’s great background information for the wine novice or aspiring oenophile.

The French Cellar offers four different kinds of subscription boxes at different price points – from S$79/month all the way up to S$950/month for exceptional vintages – to suit different budgets. And if you really do take to one of the wines in your subscription box, you can always buy them again later from The French Cellar‘s online shop.

We’re not sure how successful subscription box services are going to continue to be, but for now it seems Singapore residents will get regular visits from the postmen.


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