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5 Innovative Online Business Ideas That Really Paid Off



As the world of online business develops, countless companies are using innovative ideas as profitable marketing strategies. From freelance marketing, to online trading, to customized music… many companies are taking the lead.

The following five are a handful of businesses that have developed concepts into extremely lucrative pay-offs:

Fiverr – Low-cost Services.

Micha Kaufman developed the freelance concept behind Fiverr. As an online arena for low-cost services, Fiverr is unique because customers can access a variety of services. These services include SEO support, original graphics and content writing for the low cost of $5! The mobile online business offers products based on service. Rather than employing freelancers, the company hires the service that each freelancer can provide.

Binary Options Trading.

Binary options trading has become huge in no time, finding interest from people all across the world. With recent regulation designed to protect investors, binary options offer options that are quick and profitable. These opportunities offer a variety of experiences not always found within traditional trading platforms. With many unique advantages, binary trading is an online business strategy that has really taken off in the 21st century.  An honest broker can help customers learn more about how this form of trading works and binary options investing suits the needs of a broad range of customers.



Freelancer.com is an online freelancing business similar to Fiverr except that in this case the platform serves as an online outsourcing agency reaching upwards of nine-million freelancers. The company is the brainchild of Matt Barrie. It began in 2008, as a home-based business that has developed into one of the world’s largest outsourcing sites. The business provides users with a broad range of complex services. These include accounting and web design performed by freelance workers living around the globe.

At this time, Barrie’s enterprise is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.



MapMyFitness is a tracking app for fitness enthusiasts. The platform uses the technology of GPS mapping to track and record individual workout routines. Originally, the business idea only included the ability to track fitness. However, ever since its introduction into the market, it has added online training features, nutrition trackers for various products, and a calculator to access individualized fitness requirements.

Over 13-million individuals are currently using MapMyFitness. It is compatible with a variety of other devices (approximately 200) and producers attribute its success to the platform’s versatile approach.


Pandora is an innovative online business based on customizing listening options for music lovers. Its personalized approach centers on the platforms ability to tailor music based on the listener’s feedback regarding artist and song selections. This personalized experience allows users to enjoy a variety of music focused on their specific requests. The attention to detail and customer taste allows Pandora to provide a custom-made listening experience. So much so in fact, the company expects to acquire over 200-million dollars in share sales.

While it is almost impossible to determine what will guarantee the success of a start-up company, the five innovative online businesses listed above testify that an original concept can really pay off!