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Clipix.com – A More Visual Way Of Organizing Your Online Life



Productivity apps are one of the most useful to have and use, especially those that help us organize and manage the myriad of content we have online. But productivity apps do come in all shapes and sizes, from those that help you put together a simple grocery list like Out of Milk, all the way to the likes of Evernote, that helps you keep track of pretty much almost any part of your life you may want to put into its cloud.

But for those who prefer a more visual way of organizing their lives, there is the free online service Clipix.com. Clipix combines the online bookmarking and file sharing functionalities of Evernote with the visual appeal and simplicity of Pinterest, allowing users to clip and save articles and images as they browse websites, and then organize them into ‘clipboards’ inside the application.

Like its ilk, Clipix offers a browser extension – Safari, Chrome and Firefox – where a user simply downloads a bookmark. Every time the user needs to save something –  web content of any kind; pictures; PDF, Excel or Word documents – all they need to do is click the bookmark and add it to a specific clipboard. The clipboard can be set to private or open to the public, the latter of which can be shared with friends and family. In fact, Clipix allows a collaborative function – much like Trello – where you can send content to a “syncboard” where content is updated in real time for everyone who has access to it. Mobile apps, on both iOS and Android, allow you to continue using Clipix when on the move.

Use cases are near endless – you can use Clipix to plan your next trip by managing travel information, put together a weight loss plan by clipping recipes or ‘fitspiration’ articles, or you can set a syncboard for team members working on a project. An interesting use case will be the inbuilt product barcode scanning ability, which allows you to track product information and also set to notify you if there’s an online price drop.

As with most productivity apps, which one a user ends up usually comes down to personal preference – specific functionality, user interface, or even the app’s background color. Clipix offers enough flexibility to appeal to most users looking for something simple to use, yet offers enough functions to organize different areas of their online lives.