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Startya Helps You Build Your Idea For A 30% Stake In Your Company


Perhaps you’re an aspiring technology entrepreneur with a great idea of a product you believe would take off, but due to the lack of technical knowledge or funds have no way to turn your business idea into reality. You could try the hard route and raise funds to put together a team. With funds you could maybe even consider outsourcing the development. Startya wants to offer you an alternative.

Development agency Startya is a team of designers, developers and entrepreneurs with experience in building products for startups. An alternative to angel investment or participating in a business incubator, rather than charging you a development fee Startya will help you build your product in return for a 30% stake in the company that you’re building.

Of course, Startya is not going to take up every crazy entrepreneur on their application, and will sift through and sort out the better ones and work on those. But it’s not just about building a product. Startya aims to walk the entrepreneur through the steps of building a company, including setting goals and working on iterations until the product is right.

Startya is an interesting addition to the entrepreneur value ecosystem. 30% may sound like highway robbery, but for some entrepreneurs that may be better than taking their chances with angel investment. And it’s probably far better than having no product at all.


  1. Yes Daniel, that’s exactly what we are, an alternative to angel investments and incubators. About the 30% stake I don’t think it’s a robbery because there is no defined period where we will stop helping the entrepreneur, while he keeps beating the goals we set together, we will keep iterating his product on and on =)

    Thanks for writing about us! I will be glad to hear the opinions of your readers about us too!


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