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Beanhunter 2.0 – Bean There, Done That


Coffee is important enough to many people across the world that it’s the thing that starts their day in the right way – so much so that coffee is one of the most important crops on the planet. And there are people crazy enough about their coffee that they would, err, download a mobile app so that they can find the nearest place around them that serves up their most favorite coffee blend using a specific coffee machine. Well, at least that’s according to Beanhunter,  a location-based coffee discovery app for both iOS and Android.

Coffee fanatics can search via the map search for location name, coffee brand or coffee shop. Users are able to filter results by best match, distance, equipment, brew methods and coffee brand as well as discovering the cafes where their friends are going through the activity feed. It can be used anywhere in the world and allows users to rate the coffee shops as well as add new businesses.

With more than a hundred thousand of monthly users, Beanhunter is one of the leading apps and site for discovering coffee, and particularly popular in major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. Like most apps that rely on crowdsourcing data, depending on where you are Beanhunter may not have sufficient entries to satisfy the most demanding of customers (as some users would attest).

The app – a finalist in the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards – was recently redesigned to be optimized for iOS 7. “We’ve redesigned Beanhunter to make finding great coffee easier than before and optimized the new design for iOS 7,” says Beanhunter’s co-founder James Crawford.”We’ve completely rebuilt our iPhone app from the ground up and added a number of new and highly requested features. We wanted to make discovering great coffee a simple process and give our users more control.”