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Blackmoon: A Next-Gen Marketplace Lending-As-A-Service Platform



The launch of Blackmoon, a next-generation market lending-as-a-service platform in the US is good news for both lenders and investors. Blackmoon competes with existing securitization agents, as it uses advanced technology to give asset managers full-time access to loans provided by balance-sheet lenders. Since the launch, Blackmoon has continuously come up with the best technology for diverse industry-related functions including. Its technology provides a more transparent investing model.

What makes Blackmoon quite attractive to investors and lenders is its hybrid approach. An analysis of the current state of marketplace lending in the US shows that despite the growing popularity of this sector, it has often been a target of business malpractice allegations. Fraud allegations have over time made marketplace lending somehow unattractive to investors. Balance-sheet lending, in fact, is more established in the United States. However, its greatest shortcoming is lack of scalability and sufficient capital. Blackmoon combines both sectors to provide the best of both worlds.

So what does this new-gen marketplace lending as a service platform bring to US lenders and investors?

The greatest advantage is the technology behind the Blackmoon platform. Its machine-learning algorithms can efficiently analyze data provided by each specific loan originator to ensure its is transparency. Blackmoon’s platform makes it a win-win situation for the investor and the loan originator.

As an infrastructure provider, Blackmoon comes with a pack of benefits for loan originators such as simple IT integration, quicker securitization of portfolio, and more reliable performance analytics. For investors, this new platform provides independent loan analytics and automated investment execution. Blackmoon will ensure US investors get an unlimited supply of loans to invest in.

Both investors and lenders in the US can count on the Blackmoon’s experience and past performance to provide the expected results. Blackmoon has over time posted impressive results in the industry mainly because of its composite approach to the industry. In the last year, investors using Blackmoon had over 15% returns while the company’s cumulative turnover was in excess of 13 million. The company has an ambitious goal of reaching a 1 billion cumulative turnover by 2017. This success is partly driven by the company’s expansion into new markets including the United States.