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Create Your Business Logos With GraphicSprings



So you’re starting a new technology startup; aside from a really cool idea that you think will solve a particular pain point for many millions of people in this world, you’ve even thought up a name for your business. But now you need a really cool logo: you could either outsource to a designer, use professional design sites – crowdsourced or otherwise – like LogoMyWay.com or Logobee.com, or you could design your own.

But designing your own logo can be out of the question if you don’t have the right design skills, unless you use one of those online logo generators that may not give you as much control over the design as you want. But here’s another option: GraphicSprings. GraphicSprings is a beautiful – and more importantly, intuitive – app that allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to create your professional logos. Simply fire the app up, employ the easy-to-use design features to put together different design elements like logo type. And if you need more help, there are thousands of original customizable logo graphics available that you can use as well.

GraphicSprings is free to use; once you have fixed your design all you need to do is pay US$39.99 to download hi-res PNG, EPS and JPG files. It’s a rather fuss-free way to brainstorm a logo for your startup, and affordable to boot.



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