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Identity Verification Tool Usertify Aims To Promote An Online Environment Safe From Trolls


Even as online social networks become ubiquitous as part of our online experience, its explosive growth has also – ironically – given rise to plenty of unsocial behavior. That’s right, at some point in our social media use we’ve come across anti-social behavior from other users, especially those who don’t identify themselves online, or worse, assumes the identity of somebody else.

That’s where Usertify (www.usertify.com) comes in. It is an online identity verification tool that allows users to certify themselves, but also to verify the identity of other users for the purpose of building a safe and trustworthy environment around them. Think of Usertify (www.usertify.com) is to online identity certification as what Gravatar is applied to ensuring a consistent avatar across the online space.

By choosing between three different levels of security – employing an exclusive coded algorithm which enables the verification of the identity of the user through three different security layers – to certify identity, a user will subsequently obtain a secure and unique URL containing a certificate that generates an identifier that can be used to integrate into social networks. The user will also gain access to a monitoring tool that alerts them to potentially malicious comments, as well as put trolls on a public blacklist.

Usertify is currently in private beta, but you can request an invitation to trial the service.



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