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Widbook Offers Access To Thousands Of e-Books


Reading e-books on mobile devices have become the norm, but while e-book reading applications are a dime to a dozen, those that offer free access to tons of free literature, not so much.

Since opening its first US office in San Francisco, Widbook (www.widbook.com) – a global crowdwriting community of readers and writers with presence in over 100 countries – launched a version of its reading app for iOS and Android devices. The application enables free access to all ebooks on the global social network, which has some 120,000 members. Like any social netowork, it also allows for interaction between users in the community, who can follow their favorite writers, comment on works and post on other users’ walls.

The app deploys a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and if you’ve used an e-book reader like the Amazon Kindle app or Kobo you’ll find it a breeze to adapt to. But unlike those other apps, because Widbook helps facilitate the process of publishing works authors can actually publish one chapter at a time and invite comments from the community. Authors can even work together to produce collaborative books – a crowdwriting platform, if you will.

“Whether on a cell phone or a tablet, the apps bring even wider accessibility to ebooks and their authors,” says Flavio Aguiar, Widbook CEO.

“No other app makes your reading as pleasurable as Widbook, and no other immerses you so deeply in the world of books,” adds Joseph Bregeiro, Widbook CTO and co-founder.



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