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DigitalAttorney.com For Legal Advice Via Videos


So you need legal advice but you’re getting rubbish searching on Google and you’re not sure if you want to invest that much money on a two-bit lawyer. You don’t trust either, in any case. So what can you do? A new legal startup may be your answer- DigitalAttorney.com. DigitalAttorney.com claims to be the first website in the U.S. that is dedicated exclusively to providing legal information to consumers through videos. The site offers dozens of videos available for US$1.99 each.

“When people need legal advice, often it is a scary, stressful time,” said Gordon Frankel-Light of DigitalAttorney.com, who started the site with fellow co-founder A. Mina Tran.  “People want to make better choices and ask better questions when they deal with legal issues.  We launched DigitalAttorney.com to help.”

“We saw people struggle with three major issues when researching legal information online.  First, they had questions about credibility – is it good advice?  Is it up-to-date?  Second, there were concerns about bias – whether the attorneys were just trying to sell their services.  Third, people found it frustrating to wade through legal jargon,” adds Tran. “DigitalAttorney.com provides videos with respected professionals sharing unbiased information.  Now people can get answers to their questions in plain English.”

In case you’re wondering about the quality of the legal advice on the site, videos on DigitalAttorney.com are filmed by 18 attorneys who have earned law degrees from some of the top law schools in the country, including Stanford, UCLA, Boalt Hall and NYU, and were selected for expertise in their fields.

The legal videos average 7-10 minutes and answer commonly asked legal questions about DUI, immigration law, personal injury, business disputes, bankruptcy and traffic tickets, among other topics.  Information in the videos is primarily geared toward California law, and may be of use to anyone dealing with legal issues – from small business owners to couples going through a separation, employees hurt on the job to individuals facing criminal charges.

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