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Look Out For Interesting Ideas On IdeasWatch.com


So you want to be an entrepreneur but are lacking in ideas? Here’s an interesting site you may want to check out – IdeasWatch (www.ideaswatch.com) allows people to share ideas for new products and services they wished were available in the market.

Created by Michal Hudeček of Czech Republic-based Maintop Businesses, the non-profit IdeasWatch aims to encourage young entrepreneurial minds to get inspired and start something. He discovered a passion for starting new things during his studies in Prague’s University of Economics. Like many of his friends who harbored entrepreneurial interests, he was waiting for the right idea. “And I also meet every day creative people telling me ideas for products and services that could make their work more productive or life more fun,” Hudeček explains. “So why not to bring those two groups together and create a website where people can share their ideas and anyone can get inspired for their business?” That was the basis for IdeasWatch.

Hudeček says that the key ingredients for IdeasWatch are openness and simplicity, so that anyone can both inspire and get inspired regardless money or technical skills. The biggest challenge he had was to keep the site as clear and simple as possible. “We were experimenting a lot and tracking users’ behavior in order to make it as intuitive as possible.”

Entrepreneurship – A Lifestyle Choice

Entrepreneurship, to Hudeček, is a life style choice. His passion for IT, marketing and starting new things is the reason why he eschewed a regular job and started a company instead. “There is nothing elitist about it. It’s just about finding job that fulfills you. I have friends who are really happy in their regular jobs in big companies,” he explains. “But I just couldn’t find one that would satisfy me.”

“Just discover what you are passionate about and find a way to make money doing it. On my travels I met inspiring people who loved being on the road all the time, seeing new people and places and found a way how to earn money via blog or videos from their trips. The only magic is to find out what you love doing, seek a job for that and if there is none – create it.”


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