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A SimpleAnswer Can Lead To Great Truths


Have you always wanted to know the truth on something about yourself, but you’re never sure how you can get a sincere, honest answer. Here’s a quirky site called SimpleAnswer which makes sourcing for answers easier.

SimpleAnswer is created by Gordon Casper, currently a college freshman studying business. “My main inspiration came from my friends constantly complaining about other people how fake everyone is, that no one ever tells the truth to one’s (face) and then behind one’s back just tells bad things to everybody,” explains Casper, who started learning to code from age 15. “I figured the easiest way to know what people think about us is to ask them, preferably online with possibility of leaving anonymous answers.”

“This project is a little similar to Formspring; in fact works in an inverse manner. The difference is that you are the one asking personal questions about yourself and you let your friends answer you.” He believes the site will find its use among people who want to know how they’re perceived by their friends, especially those who “want to stop living in lies”.

“The point of the website was to seek the truth. Some questions are hard to be ask and even harder to be answer face-to-face. That is exactly what SimpleAnswer takes care of,” Casper says.

You want the truth? SimpleAnswer can help. Trouble is, you may not be able to handle the truth.


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