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Startups Japan, A Database Of Japanese Start-ups In English

Want to learn more about Japanese start-ups? Now you can. Project Ocean Inc., a Japan-based financial consultant company, has recently revamped its database of Japanese technology start-ups.

The database, named ‘Startups Japan‘ helps foreigners to understand Japanese start-ups better as descriptions are written in both Japanese and English. The database includes key information about the start-up’s product, funding and key people behind it.

Tomoya Hayakawa is the founder of Project Ocean and also the person engineering ‘Startups Japan’. Prior to Project Ocean, he had experience working in a large investment bank in Japan and also a great track record helping technology start-ups to get listed on the market.

“Main technology media like Techcrunch features few Japanese companies. I want the world to realize that there are a lot of technology companies in Japan which must be taken note of,” said Hayakawa in a blog post.

As seen on Penn Olson, the number of start-ups in Asia is increasing rapidly. However, language differences have somehow created a barrier between the Japanese market and the English population. As far as I believe, Startups Japan will play a crucial role in Japan’s start-up ecosystem, especially in helping more Japanese start-ups get known to the world.


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