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Manage Student Group Projects With EntertheGroup.com


Launched in October this year, Winnipeg, Canada-based EntertheGroup (www.enterthegroup.com) is a free online educational project management tool that aims to help students work on collaborative group projects, manage their work and interact with their teachers.

EntertheGroup is developed by Project Education Technologies, and basically allows teachers to create virtual classrooms for students, equipped with project management tools such as the ability to create their own group pages, event calendars, task management, project outlines, polls, checklists, file sharing, as well as social networking features like blogging, instant messaging, a Q & A forum and a Twitter feed. “I built this site so that students could learn project management techniques and integrate them into the classroom. I think that many students are overwhelmed by their work and I think that the tools and advice the site offers will help a lot,” says Sal Pellettieri, CEO of Project Education Technologies and EntertheGroup.

The site is free to use – users simply register and will gain access to all of the tools and the library of articles. “I wanted students to be able to make use of this site and it’s unlikely they could pay for this service,” Sal admits. A former hedge fund manager at Los Angeles-based First Quadrant LLC, Sal is passionate about technology and is involved in various charitable initiatives.


    • a glimpse thru and the services provided on it are so similar to what google apps provides, collaboration, email, shared calender, collaborative documents, online version of word, presentation and spreadsheets, group sites, tasks and and array of expandable services on google app market place and all on a cloud.

      Google Apps actually provides even an educational version of their suite – looks like education on the cloud will be the next thing for learning.

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