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Cups Media – Advertising On A Paper Cup


Your marketing message on a paper cup.

As if advertising isn’t pervasive enough in our lives, here comes yet another platform for brand owners in Singapore to regale us with the wonders of their products and services.

Cups Media – founded  by entrepreneur Joelle Goh and a partner earlier this year – is the first marketing solutions firm in Singapore to print marketing messages on paper cups, which are then given free to organizations (it’s the advertisers who pay for the cups).

The idea itself is not new of course.

According to Cups Media, more than 100,000 cups have been given out over the last three months to companies in Singapore.  Joelle says the free paper cups have companies save money. “As the financial crisis hurts a lot of organizations, many of them are looking for ways to cut their overheads. By receiving the quality paper cups free of charge, they can be assured that they need not to waste their money to buy these paper cups,” explains Joelle.

Now, I can just imagine what the environmentalists would say.

Organizations can sign up for free paper cups from Cups Media here. For more information, email cupsmedia[at]cupsmedia[dot]com.


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