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Marketgeek Is A Japan-Based Financial Data Visualization Site


Marketgeek is a Japan-based financial data visualization website focusing on technology companies listed in the stock exchange market.

The start-up, which is currently in its Alpha stage, shows financial figures such as stock price, growth rate and trends. The vision for Marketgeek is to become “the bridge between finance and technology, especially in Asia”, said Yamaki Wataru, creator of Marketgeek. The site is currently available in English and Japanese.

“One of the core components in Silicon Valley’s ecosystem is financial support. But in Japan, I feel there is a huge obstacle between the technology and finance people. There are few tech people who know finance well and most finance people don’t care about new innovative technologies. I hope tech guys can get new business ideas through analyzing the financial market while finance guys can find new companies to invest in,” said Wataru.

Learning from others

A user can learn about the American industry scales from this Finviz’s tree map. However, the data could be even more helpful if it included historical movements and trend analysis of growing markets which could inspire entrepreneurs to come up with new business ideas. Wataru also pointed out ychart, an easy-to-use financial site for investors who aren’t comfortable with the Bloomberg machine. However, ychart only focuses on the American market. Wataru plans to bring better financial data visualization to Asia, for Asians.

Marketgeek’s data are aggregated from financial sites like Bloomberg, Google Finance, QQ.com and local Yahoo sites. The data are updated every 3 hours.

Wataru also plans to upgrade Marketgeek with better visualization designs and data crawling. In the future, Wataru also said that Marketgeek will also be available on the mobile phone. For now, feel free to provide feedback on Marketgeek.

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