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Artist Become (More Accessible Online)


Earlier we featured Artyii, the Singapore-based platform for emerging Asian artists to sell, learn and network with the arts circle, as well as provide these artists with a dedicated suite of services such as payment, logistics, framing, liaison, and escrow to help them build their business. Today we look at Artist Become (ArtistBe.com), a similar online platform based out of Wichita, Kansas that wants to support artists all around the world.

Launched last week, Artist Become is a new online arts community created by popular online art gallery overstockArt.com that provides various tools and resources to help both emerging and established artists to showcase and sell original work. “With ArtistBe.com we are doing more than creating a place for up and coming artists to display original art online, we are creating a new social platform for artists and art lovers alike,” says overstockArt.com’s president and CEO David Sasson.

Artists can create their own galleries for free on ArtistBe.com, with dedicated URLs to showcase their art, biographies, exhibitions and more. The site also utilizes most of the latest in social networking features – so artists can “critique” on each other’s work, for example – but more importantly enables artists to sell original pieces of art, or more affordable reproductions (artists get  royalties for every reproduction sold).

The site should become a good platform to discover emerging art talents. “Our commitment to art and the art world started with overstockArt.com,” Sasson adds. “Now we want to branch out and give art lovers around the world a chance to find the next great artists of our generation. ArtistBe.com gives artists the ultimate platform to become recognized for their work and to make a living out of their creations.”

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  1. I hope that it will revolutionize and democratize the art realm. No more galleries taking 30% – 60% commission, here is a website that lets you display your art, and build a customer base for free.

    You even make money off the royalties of your artworks that you have already sold or given to your ex girlfriend. This makes images an intellectual value that will keep generating profits for a while, similar to the music industry.

    So images of the art are becoming a very important factor. creating a good quality image repository of your art is very important.

    • Hi Amitai,

      At the end of the day, online services help to democratize the entire supply chain. This will hopefully bring about an equitable distribution of rewards back to the creators.


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