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Pressing the Right Buttonz?


eNets and ChainFusion has just launched BuyButtonz, a new online business payment platform that caters specially for online businesses.  Buybuttonz allows customers to make direct credit card and Internet banking payments for transactions which are secured by mobile phone authentication to protect online retailers from fraud payments.

If you’re selling stuff online, consider this as an alternative or a complement to Paypal.  Not only does BuyButtonz works in blogs and on websites, it works in emails as well and so can help make your electronic direct marketing (eDM) a breeze.

As you don’t have to be above 18 years of age or have a registered company to apply, it is definitely suited for budding young entrepreneurs (like those hawking wares on shop blogs).  But at $68 a month per button, it ain’t exactly cheap.

Find out more about BuyButtonz on their website here.