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[Video] The Paradigm Project’s Stove Man

The Paradigm Project has launched a four-week web series called Stove Man that follow two young men, Greg and Austin, on a mission to distribute 5 million fuel-efficient cook stoves to people in need.

TwoHub Stores Your Online Bookmarks In One Place

TwoHub allows you to place and store all your bookmarks in one place online. It's meant to be set as a homepage so your favorite bookmarks are all in one spot. – Online Auction Marketplace With IM Chat

Auctionopia ( is a free-to-use online auction marketplace that incorporates real-time communication between buyers and sellers through the use of IM integration.

MyFDB – The Fashion Industry’s Professional Catalogue

My Fashion Database ( is an online cloud-type service for fashion professionals and enthusiasts to track the credits of everyone working in the fashion industry.

A SimpleAnswer Can Lead To Great Truths

Have you always wanted to know the truth on something about yourself, but you're never sure how you can get a sincere, honest answer. SimpleAnswer may be able to help.

WordWit – A Mobile Game App That Teaches You Proper English

WordWit from Ballpoint, Inc. allows you to learn (proper) English and have fun while you're at it.

CuddleCovers Turns Pillows Into Toys

Founded by Ilan Sharone of Fun Life Toys, Cuddle Covers animal-themed pillow covers help bring boring pillows to life.

FitDesk Pedal Desk – Exercise While You Work

The FitDesk Pedal Desk is a unique stationary exercise bike that also combines a uniquely-designed desktop for your laptop so you can work (or play) and exercise at the same time.

Nightspade Creates Gorgeous And Interactive Games

Founded in mid-2010, Nightspade is a creative interactive application studio located in Bandung, Indonesia. Nightspade focuses on building game apps which have snazzy graphics, cool transitions, enganging gameplay, and the ‘WOW’ effects.

LinkedIn Mobile Apps Redesigned; Includes Groups

LinkedIn just revamped and rebuilt from ground up their mobile apps for iPhone, Android and mobile web (through HTML5), and has included access to "Groups" for the first time.

From Spotters Spring Forth Wise Ideas

If you're looking for cool ideas to start a small business, you can always check out Springwise. The site deploys more than 8,000 spotters around...

Edelman Launches Social Influence Measurement Tools BlogLevel and TweetLevel

Edelman, one of the world's leading public relations firms, recently launched two free online tools to help you measure your social influence: TweetLevel calculates influence on Twitter, while BlogLevel gauges how impactful a blog is.

EatAds Wants To Be The Online Marketplace For Outdoor Media In Asia

Singapore based start-up,, wants to be the online outdoor media marketplace in Asia. While digital advertising is on the rise, outdoor media still has a big role to play in Asia.

[Singapore] Play(Book) It With Music

Research In Motion (RIM) and digital media delivery company 7digital have teamed up to bring over nine million tracks to BlackBerry® PlayBook™ users in Singapore through a new Music Store app.

Weebly’s iPhone App Lets You Create And Manage Websites Or Blogs

Weebly ( announces iPhone app that lets you create and manage a new blog or website direct from their iPhone, with simple drag and drop features making the process a breeze.

100 Tokyo To Showcase Best Of Everything In Tokyo

100 Tokyo is a website that showcases hot products, events, people and places in Japan's largest metropolis, covering subjects such as design, fashion, art, food, technology, architecture, tourist attractions, accommodation, events and more.