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Gifting Goes Mobile With Yiftee

Menlo Park, California-based Yiftee an iPhone application launched in December last year that allows users to buy another person a gift from over two million shops and restaurants throughout the United States.

SweetFry Stirs Up A Site For Amateur Cooks

SweetFry is a recipe-sharing community where users can store and share their favorite recipes, as well and rate and try thousands of unique recipes from around the world.

Five Career Predictions For 2013

Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, Vice President and Managing Director of Apollo Research Institute, offers five career predictions for 2013 that identifies workplace trends and job opportunities.

Startup Threads Delivers Exclusive Startup-Related Schwag To Your Doorstep Every Month

For a fee, Startup Threads Monthly will deliver a limited edition “box of swag” - exclusive t-shirts, stickers, and other surprise merchandise from a different startup - delivered right to subscribers' doorsteps, every month.

PetziConnect Lets You Interact With Your Dog From Afar

PetziConnect is a webcam-type device that lets you check in on and even interact with your dog at all times.

FeeFighters Helps Small Businesses Save On Credit Card Processing Fees

Chicago, Illinois-based FeeFighters is a free-to-use online comparison engine that lets you find the best rates for credit card processing services. – Building An Online Mentoring Community

Founded in March 2012 by Luke Deering and Chris Dowdeswell, is an online service that helps organizations build a complete online mentoring community.

Startups Japan, A Database Of Japanese Start-ups In English

Want to learn more about Japanese start-ups? Now you can. Project Ocean Inc., a Japan-based financial consultant company, has recently revamped its database of Japanese technology start-ups.

[Singapore] Play(Book) It With Music

Research In Motion (RIM) and digital media delivery company 7digital have teamed up to bring over nine million tracks to BlackBerry® PlayBook™ users in Singapore through a new Music Store app.

City Chatter Combines Social Discovery And Group Chat

City Chatter's mobile social network application combines social discovery, real-time group chat, and private chats to enable interaction with people around you.

100 Tokyo To Showcase Best Of Everything In Tokyo

100 Tokyo is a website that showcases hot products, events, people and places in Japan's largest metropolis, covering subjects such as design, fashion, art, food, technology, architecture, tourist attractions, accommodation, events and more.

[Singapore] Spills Over To Your Windows Desktop

Tech giant Microsoft and Singapore-based food directory is teaming up to take good food even closer to Singaporeans - by taking the online food search experience outside of your web browser and directly onto your Windows 7 task bar.

Cheers To Drinks Deals From

San Diego-based online deal site eDrinkit ( gets you access to deals on drinks and VIP bottle deals at local hotspots with 50- to 90-percent off regular prices.

From Spotters Spring Forth Wise Ideas

If you're looking for cool ideas to start a small business, you can always check out Springwise. The site deploys more than 8,000 spotters around...

Can’t Find Your Car? There’s An App For That.

If you find yourself often forgetting where you last parked your car, especially in an area in which you're not too familiar with, the app "Dude, Where's My Car?" is for you.

[Infographic] A Year In Online Coupon Usage

Online coupon site put together some interesting data from the industry on online coupon usage in one year that they've put into an infographic. Makes Backing Up Your Site A Breeze

Terrified that your website will one day crash, making you lose all your data? Well, that's the reason for using, a free cloud-based storage service that you backup your website automatically easily.

Marketgeek Is A Japan-Based Financial Data Visualization Site

Marketgeek is a Japan-based financial data visualization website focusing on technology companies listed in the stock exchange market.

[Video] The Paradigm Project’s Stove Man

The Paradigm Project has launched a four-week web series called Stove Man that follow two young men, Greg and Austin, on a mission to distribute 5 million fuel-efficient cook stoves to people in need.

PostalPix – Photos From Phone To Doorstep

Founded in 2010, Los Angeles, California-based PostalPix allows you to order real photo prints of pictures direct from your smartphone via an app (on both iOS and Android).

Check In To Altruism With Truismo

Truismo ( is an app that allows users to discover socially responsible businesses around them, as well as the causes they support. – Because Cheesy Sweet Nothings Can Sell

Some ideas that come out of Startup Weekends answer real-world needs. Plenty are fun. Some are plain weird. Just take, for example.

Effective Ways To Come Up With New Ideas For Your Food Startup

If you have your sights set on launching a food company that’s known for offering the latest and greatest cuisines, the first step is narrowing down how you’ll go about it. – Clicking Your Way Around Your Desktop And The Internet ( by Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a free desktop productivity tool for Windows and Mac OS X that allows you shorten click paths to your favorite programs and services. – Daily Deals For Animal Lovers

LeLePets is a members-only online retail site that specializes in pet-related products, as well as products inspired by pets.

Pressing the Right Buttonz?

eNets and ChainFusion has just launched BuyButtonz, a new online business payment platform that caters specially for online businesses.  Buybuttonz allows customers to make direct credit...

MakeAffinity – Making Toys For The New Digital Age

Kleekbots, developed by Singapore-based toy company MakeAffinity, is a website that lets owners of LEGO Mindstorms NXT robotics kit view and control their robot with their iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, iPad and other mobile devices instantly. Shows You Where Movie Scenes Are Shot

Movieloci ( is an online community site where you can upload images of a scene in a movie and crowdsource an answer of where the scene was shot.

Lifetime Host Hosts You For Life

Lifetime Host ( is a new web-hosting solution for small businesses and individuals that is offering the industry’s first-ever lifetime web-hosting service for a one-time fee.

Naughtybits – Nutritional Food Made From Algae.

Will algae finally become mankind's next nutritional food source? Naughtybits by The Naughty Nutritionist intends to make that happen.