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San Francisco, California-based Goskoop ( is an interesting hybrid site that combines elements of e-commerce and social networking to provide a form of personal online concierge service.

Essentially, users enter keywords of their choice – a want, need or desire – and Goskoop will search different e-commerce and social sites and deliver the best possible matches in real time. The site will continue searching for hits and when a match is found, an alert will be sent to the user, so you don’t have to continue manually keying in searches on every site. You can also save your searches in your “vault” and can be organized by categories.

“I have always wanted a personal concierge. I was very sure everyone could use one,” says Goskoop CEO Darshan Gadkari. “I enter what I need and Goskoop real-time finds me buyers or sellers, even while I am sleeping or working or having dinner.”

“Now I do not worry about missing out on opportunities,” adds Gadkari.

So yes, it’s something you want to check out if you’re an online trader or just a compulsive, obsessive hoarder.


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