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dot429.com – Professional Networking For The LGBT Community


We can’t deny there can still be some form of discrimination against the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community in the workplace (or elsewhere, for that matter), so perhaps it’s no wonder that they would come up with an online professional networking site – dot429 (www.dot429.com) – a professional networking site for LGBT community and their allies.

dot429 – 4-2-9 spells G-A-Y on a telephone keypad – is offered as a platform to connect with new partners, investors and employees both online and in-person. It’s similar to LinkedIn but with enhanced in-service communications, so members communicate through profile pages, updates, messages and online introductions.

Founded by CEO Richard Klein – who also founded Surface magazine in 1993 – dot429 also has a magazine called 429Magazine that provides a queer professional perspective on current issues, with exclusive content written by industry insiders covering everything from finance and business to leisure and entertainment. The site also hosts brunches, speaker series and conferences across America.


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