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OhThatsYou.com Community Offers Help For The Fashion Clueless


Let’s face it – far too many of us are totally clueless about fashion. Most of us will have no idea how to match and pull off the outfits we see in fashion magazines. But here’s a new social networking service that is aimed at uniting the fashionistas and the fashion-cluess amongst us.Founded by California entrepreneur Azita Gandjei, Oh That’s You! (www.OhThatsYou.com) is a new online platform that allows users to interact with their trusted circle of friends to make style and purchasing decisions, as well as receive personal fashion and beauty recommendations on items that suit our face or body types.

“Our personal style is a combination of our unique physical attributes, the sum total of our experiences and our environment,” explains Azita Gandjei, founder of Oh That’s You!, who unsurprisingly says she loves to shop. “Oh That’s You! enables members to find their own unique personal style, whether they want to fit in or stand out.”

Users on the site, for example, can mix and match items to create different looks, interact with their friends and the Oh That’s You! community to decide on whether a look or outfit is suitable for them, and even use a “Window-Shopper” feature to collect fashion looks that they like.

And now perhaps we won’t go on looking like the fashion disasters that we are.


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