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Super Diet Genius – Dieting, Yes, There Are Apps For That


With rampant obesity on the rise, it’s no wonder that weight loss is on many people’s minds. And unsurprisingly, many enterprising developers have leapt to aid the calorie counters and celery stick nibblers among us with a myriad of dieting and weight management mobile applications. So it is with Barracuda Partners’ new mobile app Super Diet Genius (www.superdietgenius.com) – the iPhone/iPod application not only lets users track what they eat, but also helps them plan their meals for optimum healthy weight loss.

While most weight management apps are those centered around tracking your weight and/or exercise regimes, super diet genius instead focuses on what you eat. The app generates for you a diet plan that revolves around your food preferences, identifies “superfoods” – those foods with highest blends of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, etc – and even calculates your meal portion sizes. It also comes with a built-in BMI calculator, meal reminder notifications, a water tracker, and weigh tracking. More significantly, the app isn’t focused around calorie counting.

Super Diet Genius utilizes the sophisticated algorithm from our company’s first award-winning app, Intelli-Diet, with over 10,000 users worldwide,” says Brian Atz, president of Barracuda Partners. “I know that people will find not having to count calories a real pleasure.”

“We built (those) algorithms into the application so that portion sizes are automatically calculated for each food, based on the user’s profile measurements and weight loss goals,” Atz adds.

Super Diet Genius is currently available on the App Store at US$3.99.


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