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Track Your Business Card’s Effectiveness With ZebraCard


We’re really good at giving and receiving business cards, but not quite so good at following up with them. While there are solutions that help us scan business cards into a digital, searchable format, or an elegant way to store them, there isn’t a way to tell how well a business card does after it’s been given away to someone. Until now.

Enter ZebraCard, a business card tracking solution that employs a scannable QR code or barcode that allows users to gather data in real time how a business card is used. It all starts when the recipient of a ZebraCard scans the code on the business card, which points the person to a URL where his interaction with the business card is tracked. You’ll know, for example, when he checks out specific information on that URL, such as your various online social profiles. This way, you’ll know what kind of information the recipient is interested in, and can check analytics of your card’s engagement – i.e. what they do with it.

ZebraCard is created by Nick Carter, who previously founded AddressTwo. Carter, when he began his career in sales, used 3×5 index cards to record information about his sales leads, and later went on to create his own sales CRM solutions.

“Traditional business cards (is) the ‘Black Hole’ of the marketing and sales world. Until now, no one has had the capability to see how effective their networking is,” explains Carter. He sees ZebraCard as the next step in business contact development, and is currently raising funds via the crowdfunding platform Fundable.com.


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